Groupon Launches Gnome™

Gnome_w_StandA Tablet Solution that Helps Merchants Run Their Business and Connect with Customers

Gnome allows for seamless redemption of Groupons via Bluetooth and helps merchants run their business more effectively and develop deeper, longer-lasting relationships with their customers

Today we announced Gnome, a new tablet-based platform that will provide sophisticated tools to local merchants to run their businesses more effectively and understand their customers better. The tablet will let merchants instantly recognize their Groupon customers as they enter their business, seamlessly redeem Groupons and save time and money with a simple point of-sale system and credit card payment processing service. Gnome will soon integrate with popular accounting software programs such as QuickBooks and Xero and offer a suite of customer relationship management tools, including the ability to customize marketing campaigns based on purchase history, share customer feedback via social media and respond to customer inquiries or comments.

“Gnome is an amazing piece of technology that plugs our merchants into the Web and helps them form relationships with every customer that walks in their front door,” said Eric Lefkofsky, CEO. “When it’s complete, Gnome will serve as an operating system for merchants to run their entire operation and enable them to create real-time promotions that bring customers into their business when they need them the most.” Continue Reading

Spotlight on Merchant Services: Groupon Chamber of Commerce

We often blog about features that make our customers’ lives better, but this week we wanted to introduce you to a few of Groupon’s efforts that have added ongoing value for our merchants and help improve their businesses’ day-to-day.

Groupon has proven to be an extremely effective form of marketing for local businesses – it’s the reason 97% of our merchants want to run on Groupon again and again. But it’s important we ask ourselves and our vendors how we can improve their Groupon experience beyond the online exposure and initial stream of customers. Surveys and focus groups have bred a few ideas we’ve implemented, including leveraging merchant testimonials like this recent clip filmed with Corey Kaplan of NYC Bagel Deli in Chicago.

Another such initiative is the Groupon Chamber of Commerce. Continue Reading