Attention Animal Lovers!


Meet Zorro.

This stylish 19 mo. old police dog stopped by the Groupon offices yesterday to show off his new bullet- and-stab-proof vest funded by the Groupon Grassroots campaign for Vested Interest in K-9s, Inc. These vests can help protect dogs that are the first to enter crime scenes, where they may confront dangerous people or situations. They also complement any adorable police dog in a high-profile fashion shoot. Continue Reading

Election Day Deals

We were going to stay out of the political ring, but we feel like this issue needs to be addressed and we’ll need your help to settle the controversy.

The Election of 1883 was one of the most contentious and controversial in American history, with candidates Jefferson Quincy and Monroe Chester each emerging from relative political obscurity to seek the highest office in the land.

Because we can’t stand unfinished political business and will leave no chad hanging, we’ve reached out to the estates of Jefferson Quincy and Monroe Chester to determine an outcome.

Show your support for Chester with a Ronco Rotisserie and Barbecue Oven. And remember, a vote for Quincy is a vote for a Core Bamboo 14-Piece Utensil Set. Not convinced? Check out all the deals we’re featuring to decide the election (of 1883) and cast a vote for your candidate by purchasing a deal with his campaign button on it!

Not everyone understands politics, but we’re positive this is how these two former candidates would’ve wanted their presidential fate decided. Curious about why this election was so controversial? Find out more here.

Holiday Head Start

The holidays are right around the corner. And if you’re like us, you’ve been basting your Thanksgiving turkey since June and your 2013 4th of July apple pie is already cooling on your window sill. Since you can’t stop the holidays from happening, you might as well get ready with these deals.

Women’s Diamond Croton Watches – Diamond-studded women’s watches with ornamental faces from a brand with more than 130 years in the watchmaking industry

My Own Labels – Thousands of design templates to make unique holiday gifts and other items such as coasters and bookplates with personalized text and images

Gooseberry Patch – Cookbooks and calendars with tips and tricks pulled together from user submissions

Socks from– Large-scale sock manufacturer ships classic, novelty, and medical-grade socks from a variety of brands

Brainstring Brainteasers – Three styles of puzzles invite players aged 7 and older to create and untangle knots by manipulating knobs and panels

Purchasing some of these great deals will help you get a head start on holiday shopping for your family, but they aren’t the only people in your life that deserve a gift. Here’s a list of other people you should shop for during this most brutally wonderful time of the year:

  • The mailman
  • The milkman
  • The jazzman
  • Your doctor (only if you haven’t paid him with real money yet)
  • The piano teacher who teaches your children why it’s hard to make a living only teaching piano to children
  • The company that makes your favorite medicine
  • Anyone you know who loves things but doesn’t know how to use money to buy them for themselves
  • Michael Jordan

A Few of Your Favorite Things

We all have our favorites: a favorite home-cooked meal that warms both our hearts and stomachs, a favorite season to miss when the weather changes, or a favorite child. But we wanted to show you what you’ve told us to be your favorite deals. Below are just a few–don’t forget to check out our full list of all the faves you crave.

iPup and iPig Apple Speaker Docks – Whimsical, uniquely designed speaker docks produce crystal-clear audio from your iPod or iPhone; five styles available

$25 for Test-Prep Course from Bench Prep – Cross-platform education site preps students for GRE, GMAT, LSAT & more tests with quizzes, practice tests, and performance reports

Picaboo – Easy-to-use application personalizes snapshots, preserving them in canvas prints, calendars, collage posters, and leather-bound books

Luxury Down-Alternative 100% Cotton Blanket – A luxurious 350-thread-count 100% cotton blanket in a variety of colors and sizes with a hypoallergenic polyester fill

Targus Vuscape Case and Stand for iPad 3 – A hard-shell iPad 3 case with a scratch-resistant, padded interior converts into a stand with three viewing angles and a typing mode

12 Months of Online Meal Plans from eMeals – Weekly shopping lists showcase flavorful, healthful recipes customized by store, diet, and price

Browsing through Groupon’s Favorite Deals deal collection gives you an idea of what we as a company love, but doesn’t give you an idea of what we as individuals love. To help you get to know us more individually and intimately, we’ve let Groupon’s only remaining on-staff firefighter, Bob Dipdyke, share a list of his favorite things:

Favorite Color: Anything that isn’t the color of fire. I guess maybe water. Is “water” a color?

Favorite Movie: The one I’m working on right now in my spare time. It’s about a firefighter named Rob Doplike who saves horses from burning stables and, also, is never lonely.

Favorite Cereal: None. I haven’t eaten since that bad thing happened to the other people I fought fires with at Groupon.

Favorite Child: If I had children, it’d be impossible to choose a favorite! But since I don’t, I’ll say my mother when she was 10 years old.

Favorite Feeling: The opposite of what I feel when I’m lying on my cold, wood floors.

Favorite Animal: Dog puppies!

What has been your favorite Groupon deal?

All Great Savings Deals

In these harrowing days of doubt and trouble, our extra money is a comfort to our souls. The holistic and nurturing benefits of interacting with our extra money are well-known. Sure we nuzzle it, hug it, and use it to spell out our worst fears on the floor, but what are some really productive ways to bond with our money? The money party, a forgotten American tradition from the 1950s, is one way. In it an entire neighborhood would liquefy all their assets and pile them up in a giant hill in one of their backyards. Couples would take turns climbing the hill and being King and Queen Money. This was extremely soothing to all. An old French tradition called le petit chapeau en argent is equally beneficial: the French would take the largest bill they could find and make a tiny hat from it. They would then wear the small money hats under their regular hats for the rest of their days. This is the main factor in their particularly long and full lives. And finally there is the ancient Greek rite of pecunia festum. The Greeks would cook their currency into their olive spreads, date pastes, and Lil’ Greek Fun Cakes and then gingerly eat around the coins. This level of money-man intimacy–including money so closely in the practice of consumption–is believed to be the main factor in the Greeks’ creation of the greatest civilization in world history. In order to survive, nay thrive, we must resurrect these practices and live our long, fruitful lives well into the 21st century and beyond.

Enjoy your extra money well, my moneyed denizens, with these great saving deals this week:

flying photo school – Online photography classes meet for four weeks and include videos, worksheets, and instructor feedback.

Home Collection Fleece-Sheet Sets – On chilly winter’s eves, coral-fleece sheets keep sleepers cozy. The ultrasoft plush sheet sets come in a choice of six colors, making it easy to match with heirloom quilts or footed pajamas.

Top Chef University – Contestants from Emmy-award-winning cooking show lead more than 200 online video lessons with printable recipes

Vistaprint – Web-based design tools let users customize cards, calendars, mugs, and T-shirts with personalized text and images

Kassadesign Egyptian-Cotton Towel Set – Egyptian-cotton bath towels, hand towels, and washcloths with durable and absorbent two-ply construction

You can check out the full collection HERE. Happy savings!

Autumn Essentials

Winter is coming–Unless you live in a city where the weather is the same all year round. Still, the words “October”, “autumn”, and “parka” roll off the tongue nicely even if you’re not surrounded by leaves shape-shifting and jumping off trees. We’ve got plenty of gourd-themed, Halloween, and other autumn essentials for you this week. You can check them all out HERE, or feast on these featured fall deals below:

Halloween LED String Lights – Each strand of Halloween string lights with ghosts and pumpkins spans 116 inches; battery-operated LED lights rated to last 10,000 hours

Angie’s List Membership – National service helps consumers find high-quality pros, such as doctors & mechanics, with live support & certified data-collection process

Dog Halloween Costumes – Costumes transform your pup into a caped superhero, horned devil, or rotund pumpkin; most costumes include accessories and a velcro front

$15 for $30 Worth of Halloween Confections and Gifts from Cherry Moon Farms – Seasonally spooky sweets include hand-decorated shortbread cookies, gingerbread haunted houses, and candy-coated caramel apples

Heathered Fleece Throw – Cozy throw blankets forged from multidimensional heathered fabric; available in five colors

After you’re done prepping your home for winter, prep your body for upcoming frigid temps with these helpful tips:

  • Keep your body temperature elevated by wearing wool over the body parts that give off the most heat—the top of your head and underneath your tongue.
  • You can prevent frostbitten fingers by wearing gloves and prevent unbearably cold feet by filling those gloves with thick, freshly made soup and then jamming them into your shoes.
  • Dry skin is a problem in winter, especially for people who are always rubbing themselves with desiccants.
  • You’ve probably never seen a shivering horse. They must be doing something right. Try to be more like a horse or something.
  • Do the thing people have been doing for centuries—fake your own death so you can stay in your home completely unbothered.

Happy fall!

Let’s Get Together: Party Essentials

Planning a get-together can be difficult. There are balloons to inflate, ponies to boss around, and you have to find time to shell all those peanuts. To make things easier, we’ve compiled a selection of discounted party essentials that will compliment any festivity.

$20 for $40 Worth of Clothing, Decor, and Other Gifts from RedEnvelope – Online store stocks gifts for any occasion including apparel, flowers, and personalized baby blankets and golf balls

Crab, Lobster, and Fresh Fish from Blue Crab Trading Company – Bushels of daily-caught Maryland blue crabs available live or steamed, lobsters, fresh fish, crab, shrimp, and calamari

HomeImage LED Electric Corkscrew – A built-in foil cutter bares corks for their swift deposition. In seconds, the electric corkscrew liberates wines or model schooners from their bottled captivity.

Deluxe EZ Car-Trunk Organizer with Cooler – When in use, the three sections of the EZ trunk organizer and cooler help drivers sort groceries, clothes, cleaning supplies, and other miscellanea.

$15 for $30 Worth of Aprons, Bibs, and Kitchen Gloves from Flirty Aprons – More than 50 fashionable and funny aprons protect women, men, and kids from cooking spills

If all of our great dinner-party-related deals inspire you to host an event, make sure it runs smoothly by purchasing your very own SmorgasBorg™, the first butler that is only part human. Here’s just a small sampling of what SmorgasBorg™ can do:

  • Clean the entire home, even between walls
  • Fold napkins to look like swans or children playing
  • Warm cheese to the perfect temperature using a small, controlled fire
  • Stuff a turkey with your choice of 400 other smaller birds
  • Carry objects weighing more than 2 tons (if necessary)
  • Hide its tears from your guests

Self-Improvement Deals

When autumn rolls around, the trees shed their skin and bears return to their caves to think about what they’ve done. You still have time to maximize your potential with these self-improvement deals.

 One, Two, or Three Online Crafting Classes from Craftsy – An online database houses more than 90 HD video classes that teach cake decorating, knitting, jewelry making, and quilting

Custom Weight-Loss and Wellness Program at Sprawling Estates in Hollywood Hills – Daily meals, fitness training, and activities at Fit4LA, which aims to motivate others to pursue holistic wellness in a supportive, noncompetitive setting.

One-Year Access to 77 Online Leadership Courses from FranklinCovey – Online time-management, productivity, and leadership courses incorporate concepts from “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People”

6 or 12 Months of Online Language Courses in One Language from Babbel – Interactive language-learning tools that track user progress and can be accessed from any computer

$19 for Beaute Basics Neutral 36-Color Eye-Shadow Palette – Beaute Basics’ pressed-powder eye shadows glide over lids to add dimension, enhance beauty, and match the color scheme of any ensemble

To get you even closer to being crowned Ultimate Being by your country, pair our great deals with some of these proven methods for improving yourself on your own:

  • Sleep is good for chewing up hours you could spend improving yourself. Train your body to naturally stay awake by covering your bed in frozen sticks of butter.
  • If you’ve got poor vision, cover your eyeballs with wet teabags. After taking them off, everything should look much clearer than it did with them on.
  • Stay mentally and physically sharp by doing crossword puzzles every morning with your hands tied behind your back using the pen that’s wedged between your first and second toes.
  • Have many children. Their tiny hands are perfect for picking lint off your clothing.

Remember to check out all the self-improvement deals HERE. Let us know what you think!

Deals for the Whole Family

As a parent, the goal is to raise responsible, innovative young minds and mold them into the kind of adults who avoid purposefully setting things on fire. To help with that task, this week we’re featuring deals for kids as well as for the whole family. From games to meal plans, from books to family outings, this collection of deals focuses on keeping those kiddos entertained, educated, and exercised.

$42 for Family Portrait Package at Sears Portrait Studio – Trained photographers direct customers through poses with a variety of backdrops and props during private digital-photo shoots

Healthy Meal Planning from The Fresh 20 – Weekly meal plans praised in In Style make five kid-friendly meals and sides using an included shopping list of 20 seasonal ingredients

Nature’s Dynamics Gummy-Vitamins – Gummy-vitamin bundles for children, women, and men made from USA-certified organic fruits, vegetables, and minerals


Personalized Children’s Books and Gifts from I See Me! – Award-winning hardcover children’s books popular with celebrity moms spell out your child’s name with rhyming verse and colorful pictures

$17 for The Young Scientists Club Star Pilot Astronomy Kit – Scientists aged 10 and older use the Star Pilot device to find their way through the firmament, locating bright stars, mapping constellations, and deciphering which asteroids are edible.

Flipping over to our philanthropic side, our featured Groupon Grassroots campaign focuses on the therapeutic influences of dance. If sixty-five people donate $10, then Lineage Dance Company can sponsor one year of monthly hip-hop dance classes for all kids in the Children’s Corner program. Additionally, all donations will be matched up to a $650 total by Elizabeth’s Canvas. Click HERE to donate and read more about this great campaign and the organizations involved.

All these kid-friendly deals are endorsed (by way of contractual obligation) by the Groupon Kidz Club.

Let the Fun of Footbal Season Possess You

Tailgating season has arrived. As the leaves shift from summer to autumn hues and the Canadian geese head to Disney World, football-loving faces are adorned with grease paint, bodies are wrapped in team colors, and grills are transported from porches to automobile trunks. This week we’re featuring deals that will compliment any tailgating session this season:

Cuisinart Portable Tabletop Gas or Electric Grill – 145 square inches of grilling space and fold for easy toting and storage

Home-Brewing Equipment and Recipe Kits from Beer & Wine Hobby – Variety of home-brewing essentials, including fermenting equipment, recipe kits, and complete brewing packages

$19 for iHip NFL Slim Portable Speaker with Remote – Lightweight portable speaker branded with NFL team logo

Turfer Waterproof Tailgate Blanket – The waterproof picnic blanket protects outdoor diners from getting damp with dew, smudgy from grass, or bound up by Lilliputians.

Three or Four GrillGrates with The Grate Tool – Winner of the National Barbecue Association 2010 Cooking Accessories Award of Excellence

While you’re tailgating, huddled around an open fire, dipping raw hamburger meat into the flames with a radio antenna you removed from someone’s car, support your team with the gear that has arrived just in time for the 2012 football season:

  • Team-graphic-emblazoned hamburger cozy
  • Oven mitt that looks like your favorite player’s hand
  • Team tent for the fans who spend the entire season living in the team’s parking lot
  • Drink Your Teamz™—a dissolvable pill that turns clear drinking water into a hazy liquid that is both a shade of your favorite team’s color and relatively nontoxic
  • Jersey customized where last name is “First Kiss At” and the number is “37”

Don’t forget to check out all the other tailgating-centric deals HERE and have a safe, celebratory time in your teams’ respected parking lots.