Monthly Photo Contest Winner!

This student gets a gold star! Young Katy and her mom used Groupon for a special birthday surprise…

Writes Mom, Julie:

Here’s a photo of my daughter Katy with her ‘Gimme A Cupcake’ Groupon. We bought them as a birthday treat for her teacher!

Groupon loves surprising people, so this is right up our alley. For being a stellar pupil – with bonus points for matching her outfit to her delicious gift – Katy wins $100 Groupon Bucks to use (with the help of Mom) on more cool stuff in her city.

Remember everyone, you don’t have to be as cute as Katy for a chance to win $100 Groupon Bucks! Just document your Groupon experience with a photo – from your Friday night sushi to your first fencing lesson – and include your voucher or mobile app in the pic as proof that Groupon was there. Send your shot to and you’re in the running.

As always, keep checking our Flickr page for the latest user uploads, and we’ll see you next month.