Monthly Photo Contest Winner!

This student gets a gold star! Young Katy and her mom used Groupon for a special birthday surprise…

Writes Mom, Julie:

Here’s a photo of my daughter Katy with her ‘Gimme A Cupcake’ Groupon. We bought them as a birthday treat for her teacher!

Groupon loves surprising people, so this is right up our alley. For being a stellar pupil – with bonus points for matching her outfit to her delicious gift – Katy wins $100 Groupon Bucks to use (with the help of Mom) on more cool stuff in her city.

Remember everyone, you don’t have to be as cute as Katy for a chance to win $100 Groupon Bucks! Just document your Groupon experience with a photo – from your Friday night sushi to your first fencing lesson – and include your voucher or mobile app in the pic as proof that Groupon was there. Send your shot to and you’re in the running.

As always, keep checking our Flickr page for the latest user uploads, and we’ll see you next month.

July Photo Contest Winner!

One part marathon, one part mud bath, The Dirty Dash in Kent, Washington has crazy good times written all over it. Wanting in on the action, Becci and Christian used Groupon to score entrance into the race.

Check out their winning BEFORE and AFTER photos:


Writes Becci:

My husband and I did The Dirty Dash today in Kent, WA that we got in on for the $20 Groupon deal a few months ago.  We had lots of fun, as you can see.  Thanks Groupon for making it such a great deal!

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April Photo Contest Winner!

Silvia and her sweet-toothed sister used Groupon to elevate the common cupcake experience at Butter Lane in New York City.

Writes Silvia,

My sister loves to bake, so I got her a Groupon for a cupcake class in NYC. Not only did we have a fun bonding experience, but we also took home over 10 cupcakes each! Thanks Groupon for the “sweet” deal!

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February Photo Contest Winner!

Since February is the month of romance, it’s fitting that our February photo contest winner used the power of Groupon to pop the question:

Writes the modern day Prince Charming,

“Here’s a picture I took when my fiancée and I bought a coupon for a whale-watching trip AND a trip to Catalina Island. It was amazing! I proposed to her that weekend and it made the day all the more special. Thanks Groupon for the amazing deal we used for our engagement weekend!”

-Phillip N., Satisfied Customer

Congrats you two! For sharing their engagement weekend with Groupon (and one photogenic buffalo), Phillip and his fiancée win $100 Groupon Bucks to spend on more of the best things to do, eat, see and buy in their city. Other impressive shots this month included the world’s strongest woman, this nosy moose and a family of fun.

Ready to become next month’s winner? If your photo has what it takes it will include:

  • Your Groupon redemption in action. Creativity is encouraged!
  • Your voucher. As always, the Groupon voucher MUST be pictured to qualify for the big bucks. Mobile redemptions welcome.

Send your photos to and keep checking our Flickr stream for the latest photo updates.

Until next month,


January Photo Contest Winner!

Terrific artistry and down-right cuteness combine to create the January Photo of the Month:

Writes the loving mom of these crafty kids,

Here’s a picture of my twin girls and niece @ Planet Pottery in Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida, enjoying some Saturday afternoon arts and crafts time, thanks to Groupon!

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February Contest Winner

Congratulations to Abby R., this month’s Groupon photo contest winner! We’re suckers for a beautiful landscape and anyone who has mastered the art of levitation.

Jumping for a Great Deal in Napa Valley, CA

Abby says:

“Who wouldn’t jump with excitement in Napa Valley Wine Country!?  Thanks to Groupon, I had a fabulous time sampling some delicious wines at Cuvaison Estate Wines!!! I was even sent home with a complimentary bottle of Pinot Noir as part of the Groupon deal! The deal was definitely on!  Thanks again!!!”

Abby is $100 richer in Groupon credit and you could be, too – take a photo or video when you redeem a Groupon and submit to We’ll announce the monthly winner here. Don’t forget – the Groupon has to be in the shot! To see the rest of this month’s entries, including visits to the Titanic Museum and the Chicago Auto Show, check out our Flickr stream.

December Photo Contest Winner

We only have a few hours to do one last good deed in 2010, so here it is. The December Photo Contest winners are Christine and Tennyson, of Indianapolis.

Christine and Tennyson at Riolo Dance Studios with Groupon

Christine and Tennyson at Riolo Dance Studios with Groupon

Says the smooth-moved couple:

We redeemed our Groupon this month (December 2009) for cha cha lessons at the Riolo Dance Studios in Indianapolis, Indiana. We had a fabulous time. Thanks, Groupon! : )

Christine and Tennyson have won $100 in Groupon credit to cha cha, tango and polka to their hearts’ content. We had some crazy entries this month, from a kickline outside of Radio City Music Hall to our youngest user who found a unique use for Groupon certificates. And this guy, who tried sushi for the first time thanks to a Groupon merchant.

Where will 2010 take you? Have a happy and safe New Year and keep sending your photos to! (Groupon certificates must be in the picture to be eligible for the contest.)

October's Photo Contest Winner

October Photo Contest Winner

With our monthly photo contest in full swing, we’re seeing some great examples of Groupons in action! This month, Danica Duensing caught our eye with this shot at [Madame Tussaud’s Wax Museum]( in Hollywood, CA with “Wolverine.”

Danica told us:

> I bought the Groupons for Madame Tussaud’s Wax Museum because my brother and sister-in-law were coming into town from Wisconsin. My boyfriend, me, my brother and sister-in-law went, and we had a great time! I’m glad Madame Tussaud’s decided to partner with Groupon, because now that we know how much fun the wax museum is, we’ll definitely be going back!

Danica won $100 in Groupon credit to spend on more exciting adventures. Send your entries to [](, and make sure to include the Groupon in your picture to be eligible!