Meet the Runners

Somewhere out there, there’s a mighty pack of wolves running out on the range or wherever wolves are known to run. Similarly, those training for the Run Free Race are feeling the cry of the wild within them and are howling. Howling for encouragement. Howling for determination. Howling to say, “Help, I’m lost. Someone please find me.”

Meet a few featured Groupon athletes participating in the Run Free Race:


When asked to describe him in one word, most people would say “Tim.” When asked to describe him in TWO words, they would say “Runner. Tim.” That’s really all you need to know about what a dedicated athlete Tim is. But just for fun, here are some other things this born runner is into: illegal fireworks, HD DVDs, Ben and Kate fan fiction, bee keeping, bee giving, spelling bees, spelling the word “bees,” sneaking up on people, and running.

Favorite Quote: “B-E-E-S. Bees.” Continue Reading