Your Dream Wedding on Groupon

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There are endless tasks people worry about when planning a wedding:

Guest List – Which side of the family do you plan on accidentally offending?

Wedding Jamz – Do you hire a DJ or compile a list of songs that resemble a hostage crisis mix?

What to Wear – Is the goal to appear on Buzzfeed with your Game of Thrones-themed attire?

Budget – Just how quickly are you planning on having a mild stroke?

We’re here to alleviate some of the stress associated with wedding wrangling. And since we’re always looking for new, creative ways to showcase local businesses and surprise and delight our customers, we’ve put together an impressive wedding package on Groupon Reserve for those looking to nuptialize at the Mandarin Oriental in Boston. Continue Reading

Raise a Toast to America's Favorite Pastime

Each spring marks the start of a special season, a season filled with joyous applause, everlasting bonds, and two people staring deeply into each other’s eyes. Ahh, baseball season. Coincidentally, spring also brings the beginning of wedding season.

Trees sprout leaves, brides-to-be slip into pearly white gowns, and grooms’ Adam’s apples blossom into seasonal bow ties. For those not entering love’s eternal bond, wedding season brings conquered registries, open bars, and reminders they were supposed to get married the day before.

To keep wedding season on track, we’ve gathered exciting deals here today to join you with wedding essentials in holy matrimony.

Wedding season brings new love and classic traditions together. Catch a bouquet of great wedding deals and more at