PowerSpa Disco LED Handheld or Stationary Showerhead

Easy-to-install LED light showerheads are designed with air turbine boost to increase water pressure

$59.99 $25.99

DreamSpa Ultra-Luxury 36-Setting Combo Showerhead

Shower head and hand shower with a combined 36 settings and stylish oversize 4-in. chrome face installs with no tools required

$82 $24.99

HotelSpa 30-Setting 6"/4" Rainfall Combo Spiral Face Hand Shower...

Easy-to-install system includes both a fixed shower head and a hand shower, each with a spiral face with six dial settings for customization

$69.99 $26.99

DreamSpa 3-Way Spiral Shower Combo with 30 Settings

DreamSpa 3-way spiral shower combo with 30 settings, self-clean rubber jets, and a 3-zone click lever dial on each shower

$59.98 $21.99

Aquadance 24-Setting Showerhead and Hand Shower

24 total settings from showerhead and hand shower attachments let you enjoy therapeutic, spa-like showers at home

$59.98 $19.99

DreamSpa Instant-Mount Height/Angle Adjustable 36-Setting Shower...

Stainless steel slide bar with shower head and hand shower with oversized chrome faces; can be adjusted by height and angle

$79.99 $27.99

Aquagenix Slimline 3-way 8" Mega-Rainfall and Handheld Shower...

Luxury shower system with fixed & handheld shower heads summon a downpour of water that can be customized with five different spray settings

$89.99 $29.99

DreamSpa 7-Setting Rainfall Hand Shower

Wall-mountable hand shower cycles through seven water flow settings and can be paused mid-shower to conserve water while lathering up

$49.99 $20.99

DreamSpa All-Chrome 3-Way LED Twin Shower System

Shower system includes a shower head and hand shower, which both light up with water-powered LEDs that change colors with the water temp

$99.99 $49.99

DreamSpa 8" Rainfall Shower with Extension Arm

Rainfall shower with expansive 8” chrome face and adjustable extension arm; simple installation requires no tools

$54.98 $16.99

HotelSpa Emerald 8" Rainfall Shower with Extension Arm

Luxurious showerhead provides powerful drenching rainfall from 120 jets; height and angle are fully adjustable

$69.99 $19.99

DreamSpa 19-Setting 3-Way Handheld and Traditional Combo Showerhead

Showerhead and hand shower combo with 19 water flow patterns to choose from, with settings such as massage and mist for each head

$49.99 $18.99

HotelSpa 7-Setting LED Hand Shower with Waterproof Bluetooth...

Seven shower-head settings mix with colorful LED lights to make showers more luxurious, while Bluetooth speakers play tunes and phone calls

$129.99 $54.99

DreamSpa Luxury 36-Setting 3-Way Combo Shower Head

Shower head with hand shower features seven shower settings, three spray zones, a three-way water diverter, and a lifetime warranty

$59.99 $22.99

HotelSpa Ultra-Luxury Rainfall Showerhead Combo

Experience spa luxury in your own home with this rainfall showerhead and handheld spout with seven settings and stay-warm mist

$89.99 $29.99

HotelSpa 42-Setting Brushed Nickel 3-Way Luxury Twin Showerhead

A detachable hand shower plus tons of customizable settings allow you to enjoy everything from power rain to hydrating mist

$99.99 $34.99

HotelSpa 10" Face Rainfall Color-Changing LED Showerhead

Oversized showerhead with an extra-long extension arm is equipped with water-powered LEDs that change color with the water temperature

$99.99 $42.99

DreamSpa Premium Chrome Combo Shower Head

Dual shower heads with a multitude of settings bring spa-like luxury to any bathroom with an easy installation

$79.99 $26.99

HotelSpa 5-Setting Premium Chrome Shower Head

Spa-style shower head treats bathers to five high-powered settings, a three-zone precision-flow dial, and an easy-to-use click lever

$43.60 $13.99

Luminex Air-Turbo 7-Color LED 24-Setting Shower Combo

High-power shower combo integrates high-pressure air-turbo technology with 7 color-changing LED lights to create a unique shower experience

$79.99 $38.99

HotelSpa 30-Setting Spiral 3-Way Luxury Combo Shower with Pause...

Twin spiral showerheads create 30 different water flows, such as power rain, hydrating mist, and water-saving economy rain

$59.99 $22.99

Aquagenix Fusion Water-Purifying 7-Setting Hand Shower

Handheld showerhead with seven settings features refillable cartridges that soften water, moisturize skin, or infuse aromatherapy minerals

$86 $25.99

MegaRain 6" Showerhead with Arm

Showerhead with an extra-broad 6” face unleashes a pampering rainfall of water; attached to an adjustable arm for maximum comfort

$39.33 $16.99

HotelSpa Stretchable 5–7' Stainless-Steel Shower Hose

Add some versatility to your shower with this stainless-steel hose, which stretches up to 7’

$25 $11.99

HotelSpa Extra-Large 36-Setting 3-Way Combo Shower Head

Featuring elegant ergonomic forms, this ultra-luxury European designer combo pampers users with choice of 36 water-flow patterns

$69.99 $29.99

HotelSpa Spiral 7-Setting Luxury Hand Shower With On/Off Pause...

Hand shower with three-zone precision-flow dial and 7 settings ensure the proper water pressure and dispersal while you shampoo or shave

$56 $19.99

HotelSpa 5-Setting Luxury Brushed Nickel Fixed Shower Head

Fixed shower head in brushed nickel clicks through five high-powered settings

$34.99 $14.99

9-Setting Luxury Brushed Nickel Hand Shower with ON/Off Pause...

High-performance hand shower with 9 settings, luxurious brushed nickel finish, and convenient ON/OFF handle switch

$79.99 $24.99

Hydro-Flip 6" 4-Setting Cascading Waterfall Showerhead

Select from 4 relaxing settings by simply rotating this multi-directional shower head

$79.99 $28.99

Oasis 8" Stainless-Steel Rainshower Shower Head with Built-In...

Take your showers to the next level with this luxurious shower head, which features built-in LED lights

$249 $59.99

HotelSpa 7-Setting, Fixed-Mount Showerhead

Versatile, fixed-mount showerhead is easy to install and has several different settings, from power rain to soft aeration

$29.99 $10.99

Vivitar Body Pro Digital LCD Bathroom Scale

Digital scale with easy-to-read LCD readout features four weight management load sensors to provide an accurate reading

$49.99 $13.99

12-Piece Bath Set with Rugs and Washcloths

Colorful set of rugs, washcloths and covers ties together bathrooms while sending a soft touch to cold, hard surfaces; machine washable

$59.99 $12.99

Dainty Home 72"x72" Anti-Mildew Shower Liners

Liners treated for lifetime antibacterial and anti-mildew protection stay cleaner for longer periods and match most bathrooms’ decor

$14 $7.99

Weight Gurus Smartphone-Connected Digital Bathroom Scale

Digital scale connects to a smartphone app to help you keep track of your health goals with weekly, monthly, and overall weight comparisons

$59.99 $17.99

2-Pack of Memory Foam Bath Mats

These fast-drying, highly absorbent bath mats comfort feet with their soft memory foam core and prevent mishaps with an anti-slip bottom

$49.98 $14.99

Bounce Comfort 2-Piece Extra Thick 17"x24" Memory Foam Mat Set

Two plush, extra thick mats gussy-up bathroom decor, and give feet a cushioned and soft place to rest when stepping out of the shower

$69.98 $18.99

Personal Glass and Chrome Digital Bathroom Weight Scale

Bathroom scale gives accurate readings up to 330lbs. and has a sleek design adds a modern touch to bathroom decor

$47.99 $14.99

3-Level Metal Bathroom Space Savers

Three-shelf free-standing storage unit creates additional storage space in the bathroom; multiple colors such as silver, black, and white

$99.99 $25.99

Beurer Digital LCD Diagnostic Scale

Beurer digital LCD diagnostic scale measures body weight, fat, water, muscle ratio, and BMI; also interprets data and tracks trends

$69.99 $23.99

HotelSpa Wall-Mounted Soap and Shampoo Dispensers

These dispensers rid showers of bottle clutter, storing liquid soap and shampoo in large reservoirs & pouring them at the press of a button

$52.84 $17.99

Lavish Home 12-Piece Egyptian-Cotton Towel Set

Set of towels and washcloths made of soft, absorbent egyptian cotton includes fingertip towels, which can serve as decorative or functional

$194.99 $24.99

Spa Collection Luxury Embossed 17x24 Memory-Foam Bath Mat

Bath mats with embossed detailing keep feet comfortable with memory-foam filling; classic design pairs well with most bathroom decor

$26.99 $8.99

Vitagoods Digital Body Fat and Muscle Analyzer Scale

Sleek scale with low-profile base measures muscle mass, water weight, and bone density as well as standard body weight

$99.99 $28.99

Pebbles Massage 2-Piece Memory-Foam Bath Rug Set

Pebbled texture and memory-foam core massage your feet while the microfiber cover helps wick away moisture

$64.99 $13.99

6-Piece Embroidered Egyptian-Cotton Towel Sets

Matching bath towels, hand towels, and washcloths made from plush egyptian cotton

$100 $27.99

Monogrammed Luxury 100% Turkish Cotton Bathrobe

Soft Turkish cotton bathrobe comes with a single monogram, available in plain terry-cloth fabric

$136 $42.99

Planet Home 100% Egyptian Cotton Towel Set

Towels woven from 100% Egyptian cotton yarns are soft to the touch and absorb plenty of water

$79.99 $20.99