Half Off Moving Services


Pre-screened college-student movers help you move your heavy belongings into your new residence

$80 $40

51% Off Electrical Services

Murphy Family Electric

An electrician by blood, owner Sean and his team tackle any electrical issues, from plugs and switches on the fritz to outdated panels

$200 $99

62% Off Foundation Repair

AA Action Waterproofing

Building specialists check foundations for cracks and leaks, with an added 10% discount on any needed repairs

$50 $19

$39 for $109 Worth of Mosquito Treatment at Mosquito Joe

Mosquito Joe

From the merchant: $39 for one mosquito control treatment up to one acre. Enjoy your next BBQ without BEING the BBQ !

$109 $39

Up to 60% Off Video Pipe Inspection

Statewide Plumbers


Video inspection limits the need to tear up lawns

$500 $199

Up to 81% Off Pest-Control Treatments

Brussell Exterminating Services

Licensed exterminators and provide preventative treatment services to defend homes against future incursions by pests

$259 $49

81% Off from Southern Pest Control of Maryland

Southern Pest Control of Maryland

Specialist sprays interiors to reduce flea and tick populations in homes

$309 $59

52% Off Window Inspection

Window Universe

Technicians inspect all of your home’s windows and give you a quote if any windows need to be replaced; additional $100 off replacements

$60 $29

58% Off Surge Protector with Installation

Elec Pros Inc.

Licensed and insured employees whose work is done in compliance with the National Electrical Code

$264.98 $110 Sale Ends 5/25

50% Off Roof-and-Gutter Tune-Up

Arocon Roofing & Construction, LLC

Old roofs and gutters receive a well-deserved tune-up with caulking and sealing of end caps and miter joints and replacement of shingles

$198 $99

Up to 77% Off Mold Inspection and Testing

Green Clean Restoration

Testing and remediation removes harmful fungi that can impact home air quality and residents' health

$150 $42 Sale Ends 5/25

Up to 74% Off Home Security System

1st Security

The system includes a touchscreen keypad, cellular monitoring, and 10 security sensors

$300 $79

77% Off at Home Pro Roofing

Home Pro Roofing

Technicians prevent costly damage and repairs with regular roof maintenance

$385 $89

58% Off from Myriad Handyman Services

Myriad Handyman Services

Extensively background-checked technicians perform variety of handyman services

$700 $295

60% Off Roof Replacement

Allied Remodeling

Roofers completely replace up to 2,000 square feet of roof then haul away all the debris

$15,000 $5,999

45% Off at Local Pro Services

Local Pro Services


From the merchant: Extensive testing of the air quality inside your home. Results are provided by a laboratory to expose dangerous mold

$579 $318

Up to 79% Off Roof Tune-Ups

Stewart Enterprises Inc.

Staff will help keep roofs healthy by caulking and sealing of all vent collars and flashing, tightening shingles, and more

$429 $95

67% Off Soft-Wash Roof Cleaning

Roof Solutions +, LLC

Soft-washing techniques clean algae and grime from roofing without the potential damage caused by pressure washing

$375 $125

53% Off Sump-Pump Inspection and Tune-Up

Aquaguard Waterproofing

Licensed and insured company dispatches experts to customers' homes to ensure that sump pumps are fully functional

$400 $189

50% Off Complete Kitchen Remodel

Squash Blossom Remodeling

Contractors beautify kitchens with new cabinets, stone countertops, and laminate flooring

$20,000 $9,999

50% Off Vinyl Siding Installation

Allied Remodeling


Workers install up to 1,800 square feet of vinyl siding

$12,000 $5,999

64% Off a Home RRP Lead Inspection

Construction Integration Group, LLC

Certifed RRP renovator conducts up to 5 in-home lead safety checks; surfaces checked can include wood, ferrous metal, drywall, and plaster

$275 $99

60% Off Roof Replacement

Allied Remodeling

Roofers completely replace up to 2,000 square feet of roof then haul away all the debris

$15,000 $5,999

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