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Up to 70% Off Microcurrent Face-Lifts

Army Trail Chiropractic

Glendale Heights(23.8 miles)

Small electrical currents help stimulate sagging facial muscles to recreate the effects of a face-lift without an invasive procedure

$110 $39

Up to 89% Off Spider-Vein Treatments


Multiple Locations(6.1 miles)

Using a vein light and a special agent injected with a small needle, doctors reduce and potentially erase spider veins

$900 $108

Up to 90% Off Laser Tattoo Removal

Lincoln Park Aesthetics

Chicago(3.0 miles)

Stubborn multi-colored tattoos fade with the RevLite's proprietary PhotoAcoustic Technology Pulse

$1,200 $199

Up to 78% Off Laser Tattoo Removal in Des Plaines

ReNu Cosmetic Laser Center

Des Plaines(17.6 miles)

Laser energy gently breaks up the pigments of unwanted tattoos, allowing the body to absorb and remove the ink

$297 $99

Up to 53% Off Blemish Removal

McHenry Med Spa

Mc Henry(45.5 miles)

A high-frequency electrical, medical device removes pesky moles, skin tags, and age spots

$75 $39

77% Off Spider-Vein Treatments at Access Vein Clinic

Access Vein Clinic

West Chicago(30.2 miles)

Minimally invasive spider-vein treatments improve beauty of skin

$250 $57 Sale Ends 7/9

Up to 78% Off at USA Vein Clinics

USA Vein Clinics

Multiple Locations(6.6 miles)

Physicians inject spider veins with serum that safely collapses offending veins which are then flushed out of the body naturally

$379 $99


Advanced Chiropractic Center

Lake in the Hills(40.6 miles)

Specialists smooth away fine lines and textural irregularities from the face or diminish cellulite and stretch marks on the stomach

$125 $49

Up to 84% Off Face, Neck, or Chin Lift

AmeriLaser Center

Multiple Locations(20.8 miles)

Venus Freeze uses radio frequency and magnetic pulses to penetrate multiple layers of skin to tighten and give skin a firm texture

$700 $119

Up to 69% Off Laser Facial Rejuvenation

Azizta Laser Spa

Schaumburg(25.5 miles)

Laser treatments use heat to prompt new collagen growth, producing a fuller, more toned look

$129 $49

Up to 64% Off Four Minute Face Lift Facials at Caspia


The Loop

From the merchant: During your facial we dramatically reduce fine lines and wrinkles with our non-invasive 4 Minute Face Lift serum!

$130 $49

82% Off Spider-Vein Treatments and Varicose Vein Evaluation

Advanced Vein Treatment & Cosmetic Center

Multiple Locations(20.4 miles)

Physician-led staff targets spider veins with chemical agent to safely reduce veins' appearance

$675 $119

94% Off Laser Hair Restoration at Forever 25 Medical Center

Forever 25 Medical Center

Forever 25 Medical Center(25.5 miles)

Patients receive a consultation and up to two laser hair-restoration treatments a week to combat hair loss and promote healthy hair growth

$1,440 $89

Up to 59% Off Nonsurgical Facelifts

Halsa by All Hands


Aesthetician Dorinda Allhands uses micro current frequencies to combat the signs of aging by lifting and firming complexions

$120 $59

58% Off Lipo and Fat Transfer

Your Medicos, S.C.

Buffalo Grove(25.6 miles)

After using liposuction to remove fat from the body, the doctor injects the fat back into the breasts or butt to increase fullness

$10,500 $4,449

Up to 95% Off Laser Hair-Restoration Treatments

Lillian Dion Salon

South Loop(0.7 miles)

Laser light helps boost circulation in the scalp, working to strengthen follicles and slow of hair loss

$1,500 $99

Up to 67% Off Spider-Vein Treatments

Lipo Laser

Merrillville(33.0 miles)

Sclerotherapy treatments safely eliminate spider veins, resulting in clearer skin

$300 $129

Up to 85% Off Rosacea or Spider-Vein Removal Treatments

Dr. Randa Sawan at Polish and Pour

Near North Side(1.9 miles)

A certified laser technician and physician wields powerful lasers to remove spider veins or discoloration

$500 $99

Up to 90% Off Laser Vein Removal

Northshore Medical Center

Buffalo Grove(25.6 miles)

Aerolase Nd:YAG laser zaps away spider veins to leave legs clear and smooth

$597 $62 Sale Ends 7/9

Up to 71% Off Laser Spider-Vein Removal

Maves Medical Associates

Beach Park(39.8 miles)

By using laser light, a licensed professional specializing in spider vein removal helps unwanted veins to collapse and fade from view

$350 $110 Sale Ends 7/9

Up to 79% Off Sclerotherapy

The Aesthetic Plastic Surgery Center of Barrington, LLC

South Barrington(29.9 miles)

A sclerosing agent is injected to gradually remove unwanted spider veins

$300 $89

50% Off Laser Tattoo Removal

Advanced Laser Clinics

Oak Brook(18.9 miles)

Using the Alma laser system, technicians break up pigments of unwanted tattoos, allowing the body to absorb and remove the ink

$400 $199

Up to 51% Off Laser Lipo

Alpha Rehabilitation Med Center

Berwyn(9.8 miles)

Zerona Laser lipo sessions help lessen the appearance of cellulite over the course of several treatments

$195 $98

Up to 58% Off Skin-Rejuvenating Facial Treatments

Maves Medical Associates

Multiple Locations(39.8 miles)

Dermapen treatments, hyaluronic acid, and PRP facials spur collagen production and may help subdue the appearance of wrinkles

$180 $90

Up to 93% Off Laser Hair Restoration

AMS Designs

O'Hare(13.3 miles)

Low-level laser phototherapy stimulates blood flow in the scalp, resulting in a possible 135 new hairs per square inch

$1,275 $99

Up to 85% Off Clearlift Facial Treatments

Advanced Laser Clinics

Oak Brook(18.9 miles)

Clearlift treatments gently smooth and tighten even the delicate skin around the eyes, neck, mouth, and chest

$1,484 $349

80% Off Spider-Vein Removal Treatment

Clear Vein Center

Glenview(18.4 miles)

Minimally invasive procedure reduces the appearance of spider veins close to the skin’s surface

$350 $69

75% Off Laser Tattoo Removal

eXponential Beauty

South Loop(0.8 miles)

FDA-approved laser treatments break up tattoo pigments, which fade as the body disposes of them through its natural pathways

$800 $199

Up to 73% Off Spider-Vein Treatments

Chicago Institute of Plastic Surgery

Multiple Locations(32.8 miles)

Injected solutions or laser light damage unwanted vessels in the legs, causing them to disintergrate and fade from view

$400 $129

Up to 78% Off Spider Vein Removal

Evolution Wellness, Inc.

Naperville(31.2 miles)

Noninvasive laser treatments reduce appearance of spider veins

$250 $65

Up to 63% Off Tattoo Removal

Tiffani Kim Institute Medical Spa

Chicago(1.3 miles)

45-minute laser sessions break down ink pigments, causing tattoos to fade away after several visits

$400 $149

Up to 56% Off Nonsurgical Face- and Neck-Lifts

Marianne Depaul and Associates

Multiple Locations(9.5 miles)

Diamond MediLift wand pulsates over skin to improve blood flow while disintegrating subcutaneous fat

$150 $69

Up to 78% Off at Evolution Med Spa of Naperville

Evolution Med Spa

Naperville(32.8 miles)

Specialized laser systems saturate spider veins with focused light waves to reduce vein visibility over time

$250 $65

48% Off Split-Earlobe Repair

Chicago Dental Dream Team

Chatham(9.9 miles)

Skilled doctor allows patients with damaged or torn earlobes to enjoy the pleasures of piercings again in as little as three months

$675 $349

Up to 71% Off Lipo-Laser Treatments

Delta Chiropractic

Lake in the Hills(41.9 miles)

Noninvasive cold-laser light targets fat in problem areas, aiming to shrink fat cells by draining them of their water and triglycerides

$400 $129

Up to 54% Off Eyelid Lift

Kagan Plastic Surgery

Elk Grove Village(22.0 miles)

A one-hour cosmetic surgery removes excess tissue to lift droopy or puffy lids, leaving eyes looking more rested and rejuvenated

$4,100 $1,899

Up to 72% Off Tattoo Removal

BeLuxe Medspa

Evergreen Park(12.0 miles)

Advanced laser system gradually erases tattoos

$597 $179

43% Off Face-Lift at Kagan Plastic Surgery

Kagan Plastic Surgery

Elk Grove Village(22.0 miles)

Board-certified plastic surgeon with 20 years of experience improves visible signs of aging in the face and neck

$6,950 $3,995

56% Off Hair Transplantation

Enfuse Laser Center & Medical Spa

Wicker Park(3.2 miles)

Hair restoration via 500-unit transplantation with follicular-unit extraction

$4,500 $1,999

Up to 57% Off Liposuction on a Small or Large Area

Maves Medical Associates

Multiple Locations(39.8 miles)

Body-jet liposuction is performed under local anesthesia; saline fluid helps dislodge fat more gently than traditional liposuction

$3,950 $1,699

Up to 57% Off Liposuction

Chicago Body Jet Lipo

Multiple Locations(21.4 miles)

Doctors reduce stubborn deposits of fat with targeted sculpting techniques using minimally invasive procedures

$3,950 $1,699

Up to 63% Off Upper- or Lower-Eyelid Lift

Maves Plastic Surgery Associates

Multiple Locations(1.6 miles)

Doctor with 27 years of experience performing eyelid surgery lifts sagging skin around the eyes and decreases bags

$3,900 $1,655

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