Up to 40% Off Magic Show

The Chicago Magic Lounge

The Chicago Magic Lounge at the Uptown Underground(6.3 miles)

$25 $15

Up to 40% Off Interactive Catholic Comedies

"Late Nite Catechism" or "Bible Bingo"

Royal George Theatre(2.6 miles)

$30 $18

Kiss Kiss Cabaret – Up to 40% Off Burlesque

Kiss Kiss Cabaret

Kiss Kiss Cabaret(6.3 miles)

$25 $15

Up to 65% Off Drag Show and Drinks at Hydrate Nightclub Chicago

Hydrate Nightclub Chicago

Chicago(4.7 miles)

$36 $16

"Rent" at Metropolis Performing Arts Centre

Metropolis Performing Arts Centre

Arlington Heights(23.2 miles)

$38 $24.25

The Dancing Horses — Up to 49% Off Vegas-Style Animal Show

The Dancing Horses Theatre and Exotic Bird Show

The Dancing Horses Theatre

$65 $33

Up to 20% Off "The Autopsy Talk Series" at Theater Wit

"The Autopsy Talk Series"

Theater Wit(4.5 miles)

$35 $28

The Oasis All White Edition Boat Party – Up to 51% Off

All White Edition Reggae Yacht Party

Dusable Harbor(0.7 miles)

$132.87 $65

"Flanagan's Wake" – Up to 41% Off Interactive Comedy

"Flanagan's Wake"

Chicago Theater Works(4.5 miles)

$49 $29

We Gotta Bingo – Up to 41% Off Interactive Dinner Comedy

"We Gotta Bingo"

Chicago Theater Works(4.5 miles)

$64.40 $38


The Revival

The Revival(6.0 miles)

$10 $7.50

Signature Scent Class

Aroma Workshop

DePaul(3.1 miles)

$60 $36.50

Direct from Death Row the Scottsboro Boys

Raven Theatre East Stage

Edgewater(8.3 miles)

$28 $18.25

Urinetown, The Musical

Cutting Hall

Palatine(26.8 miles)

$12 $9

12 Angry Candidates

The Public House Theatre

Lakeview(5.4 miles)

$10 $7.50

The Matter at Dead Oak Hollow

The Public House Theatre

Lakeview(5.4 miles)

$10 $7.50

SinZation – Up to 29% Off Male Revue

SinZation Male Revue

Seven Nightclub(4.4 miles)

$35 $25

Poetry Talk

The Public House Theatre

Lakeview(5.4 miles)

$10 $8.75

The North Pool

Athenaeum Theatre Studio Two

Lakeview(4.4 miles)

$12 $9.50

The Hypocrites' Johanna Faustus

The Den Theatre - Heath Main Stage

Wicker Park(3.0 miles)

$36 $23

The Women Eat Chocolate

Fullerton Stage

DePaul(3.6 miles)

$15 $10.50

The Power of Prom

The Annoyance Theatre & Bar

Lakeview(4.4 miles)

$20 $13.75


Aguijon Theater

Cragin(7.6 miles)

$25 $16.50

When Not That Good Will Do

Steel Beam Theatre

St. Charles(35.6 miles)

$28 $18.25

Girl Jesus

The Public House Theatre

Lakeview(5.4 miles)

$12 $9


Heartland Studio

Rogers Park(9.3 miles)

$25 $16.50

Koch Brothers Mystery Show

The Revival

The Revival(6.0 miles)

$10 $7.50

An InCornvenient Truth

The Cornservatory

Irvine Barclay Theatre

$10 $7.50

Haymarket: The Anarchist's Songbook

The Edge Theater

Edgewater(7.3 miles)

$20 $13.75


Madison Street Theatre

Oak Park(9.1 miles)

$20 $13.75

Raks Geek: The Family-Friendly Show

Uptown Underground

Uptown(6.3 miles)

$17 $11.50

On Dee eL Variety Hour

The Revival

The Revival(6.0 miles)

$10 $7.50

Bloody Haymarket

The Irish American Heritage Center

Irish American Heritage Center(8.6 miles)

$20 $13.75

The Boys Upstairs

Mary's Attic at Hamburger Mary's

Edgewater(7.3 miles)

$25 $16.50


Richard Christiansen Theater

DePaul(3.5 miles)

$20 $13.75

The Divine Sister

Ebenezer Lutheran Church

Edgewater(7.1 miles)

$16 $11

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