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Up to 79% Off Acupuncture Treatments

Acupuncture & NAET Clinic

Clintonville(4.7 miles)

Fine, single-use needles redirect the flow of energy throughout the body

$150 $37

Up to 57% Off Colon Hydrotherapy at Pure Health and Wellness

Pure Health and Wellness

Northern Woods(9.8 miles)

Colon hydrotherapy removes waste from the large intestine without drugs, improving colon function and detoxifying the body

$90 $48

Up to 62% Off at Urban Acupuncture Center

Urban Acupuncture Center

Westerville(11.7 miles)

A licensed acupuncturist inserts thin, sterile needles into targeted body areas to address health concerns and alleviate symptoms

$50 $19

78% Off Chiropractic Adjustments

Complete Wellness Chiropractic

Grove City(6.8 miles)

Doctor of Chiropractic Neil Heuker assesses overall wellness during consults and corrects misalignments of the spine with adjustments

$400 $89

50% Off BrainCore Therapy

Beecher Chiropractic and Wellness Center

Gahanna(9.3 miles)

“Map” is made of electrical activity along the scalp (brain waves); neurofeedback is used to regulate that activity to treat various issues

$625 $314

74% Off Massage Package

Amerihealth Chiropractic & Wellness

Lewis Center(13.8 miles)

Licensed massage therapists ease aches and pains with massage; chiropractors evaluate pain

$155 $41

60% Off Detox and Matcha Teas at Teaglad


Organic, detox loose-leaf tea helps clients lose weight, program includes strainer and guide; fine-ground antioxidant-rich matcha tea

$35 $14

Up to 49% Off at The Reiki Room

The Reiki Room

Dublin(11.3 miles)

Usui reiki master offers clients a retreat for rejuvenation and self-healing

$80 $41

Up to 88% Off at Healthy Pick Nutrition Studio

Healthy Pick Nutrition Studio

South Columbus(11.5 miles)

Shake meal replacements burn calories and promote healthy digestion, while 21-day cleanses boost metabolism and flush toxins

$21 $13.50

Up to 46% Off Body Wraps and Massages

Nancy Heimlich at 12 Meridians Acupuncture

Northern Woods(9.8 miles)

Licensed massage therapist pampers bodies with massages or body wraps that work to promote weight loss

$59 $32

Juice from the Raw—Up to 54% Off Three-Day Juice Cleanses

Juice from the Raw

Three-day supply (18 bottles) of cold-pressed raw juices packed with essential nutrients and enzymes

$185 $89

53% Off a Three-Day Skinny Juice Cleanse from Raw Generation

Raw Generation

Blends of fresh and raw fruit and veggie juices help detox the body, burn fat, and deliver vital nutrients to build your immune system

$209.97 $99

72% Off Three-Day Juice and Food Cleanse

Vertex Body Sciences

Juices, protein shakes, snacks, and supplements fortify customers and may help to detox systems and stimulate weight loss

$209 $59

Up to 57% Off Organic Detox

Raw Green Organics

All-natural vegan digestive support system to help clients cleanse their bodies of toxins

$120 $54.99

90% Off Chiropractic at Healthsource of New Albany

Healthsource of New Albany

New Albany(12.7 miles)

Chiropractor performs a full-body screening to pinpoint pain sources and works to relieve them with a customized deep-tissue massage

$300 $29

Up to 49% Off Reflexology at Life Acceleration

Life Acceleration - Ohio

Dublin(11.5 miles)

Reflexologists target specific points in the feet to help enhance relaxation, eliminate toxins & combat ailments such as migraines & ADHD

$40 $21

Up to 63% Off at Arlington Acupuncture Clinic

Arlington Acupuncture Clinic

Upper Arlington(5.3 miles)

After an initial consultation, a board-certified acupuncturist relieves pain with a 60-minute treatment

$90 $35

84% Off Chiropractic Packages

Divine Chiropractic & Wellness Center

Olde Town East(0.9 miles)

Chiropractic professional alleviates chronic pain with a massage and optional spinal adjustment

$255 $42

Up to 85% Off Acupuncture Packages

Columbus Acupuncture & Wellness Center

East Beechwold(6.6 miles)

Acupuncturist Chris Aul, who studied under Chinese masters, rebalances bodily systems with fine-gauge needles

$190 $29

Up to 56% Off Massages at InTouch Chiropractic

InTouch Chiropractic

Columbus(7.4 miles)

Therapeutic or relaxation massages tailored to individual needs ease pain, stress, and tension

$70 $37

Up to 85% Off Chiropractic Massage Package

Back to Health

Hilliard(8.3 miles)

After a consultation and x-rays, chiropractors knead back muscles with therapeutic massage strokes

$275 $41

Up to 90% Off at Premier Chiropractic Centers

Premier Chiropractic Centers

Multiple Locations(9.5 miles)

Chiropractic team assuages aches with a massage and investigates pain with comprehensive exam and up to three x-rays

$430 $41

87% Chiropractic Exam and Massage

Mt. Sterling Chiropractic and Rehab

Mount Sterling(21.9 miles)

Chiropractor examines the spine for any ailments before massage therapist applies kneads and soothing pressure to alleviate tension and pain

$304 $41

Up to 70% Off Massage or Acupuncture

12 Meridians Acupuncture

Northern Woods(9.8 miles)

LMT Nancy Heimlich promotes wellness by kneading muscles with Swedish massage; Brigitta redirects energy with hair-thin needles

$60 $31

Up to 68% Off Acupuncture Treatments

Columbus Acupuncture

Northbrook(8.1 miles)

Half-hour assessments measure chronic and acute pain with a following hour-long acupuncture treatment to relieve tension throughout the body

$165 $52

Up to 73% Off Massages and Chiropractic Services

HealthSource of Lewis Center

Lewis Center(14.1 miles)

Expert Chiropractic doctor and licensed massage therapist reduces chronic pain

$65 $37

Up to 54% Off Nutritional Screening

Orr Health & Chiropractic Clinic

Granville(27.9 miles)

Specialists test pressure points throughout the body to measure for fatigue and nutritional deficiencies before suggesting dietary changes

$100 $49

85% Off Chiropractic Exam and Massage


South Columbus(5.0 miles)

Chiropractor with nearly 20 years of experience discusses health issues, locates sources of pain, and eases them out with a massage

$205 $31

Up to 89% Off Massage and Chiropractic Services in Hilliard

Back to Health

Hilliard(8.3 miles)

Chiropractor sleuths over spines looking for misalignments & degeneration & delivers soothing, therapeutic strokes

$275 $29

Up to 83% Off Stress and Pain-Relief Package


HealthSource of Dublin(8.6 miles)

Computer-assisted decompression sessions aim to relieve joint pain and squashed disks; vibration massage helps relief aches and pains

$215 $37

89% Off Massage and Health Package

HBL Centers

Licensed professionals blend Swedish and deep-tissue techniques during one-hour massage to help relax; includes exam and consultation

$270 $29

83% Off Chiropractic Massage

ChiroMassage Centers

After determining the sources of back pains, the staff promotes spinal health with a chiropractic treatment and therapeutic massage

$175 $29

89% Off Chiropractic Package at ChiroXchange


Chiropractors evaluate spines and consult with patients before applying strategic pressure to align spines and disks

$265 $29

55% Off Hypnosis

Bridgett Stanley Hypnosis

Local businesses like this one promote thriving, distinctive communities by offering a rich array of goods and services to locals like you

$75 $34

83% Off Acupuncture Sessions

AcuHealing Centers

Treat pain, allergies, stress, and other maladies with the natural, ancient technique of acupuncture

$175 $29

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