88% Off at DTC Medical Weight Loss

DTC Medical Weight Loss

Greenwood Village

Clinicians help clients safely lose weight with B12 and lipotropic injections and a one-month supply of a prescription appetite surpressor

$509 $62

Up to 84% Off B12 and Lipo Injections

Weight Loss MD

Cherry Creek

Weight-loss shots are blended from a vitamin B12 solution and enhanced with ingredients that help curb cravings and increase energy levels

$125 $29

86% Off Weight-Loss Package

Cherry Creek Medical Weight Loss


Package includes a 30-day supply of appettie suppressants, weekly Lipotropic injections, and weekly weigh-ins

$369 $52

Up to 83% Off B-12 or AminoSlim Injections

Medical Weight Loss of Colorado

Multiple Locations

B-12 is injected into muscle tissue and both B-12 and AminoSlim injections assist with increasing energy and metabolic functions

$90 $27

Up to 92% Off Cellutronic Cellulite-Reduction Treatments

EuroSlim Centre

Cherry Creek

The Cellutronic system’s infrared energy works to break down excess fat and cellulite

$1,000 $139

86% Off at Aurora Medical Weight Loss

Aurora Medical Weight Loss


Package includes a 30-day supply of appetite suppressants, weekly Lipotropic injections, and weekly weigh-ins

$369 $52

85% Off Weight-Loss Program

Medical Weight Loss of Colorado

Multiple Locations

Program includes supplements, labwork, and vitamin injections designed to boost the metabolism and increase energy

$349 $52

Up to 56% Off Slimming Sudatonic Wraps

Ageless Salon & Spa


Infrared rays melt fat cells to help slim the body and reduce the appearance of cellulite

$60 $29

Up to 74% Off Energy-Burning Shots

La Bella Vita Health & Wellness

South Central Westminster

Blend of B6, B12, and MIC helps jump-start sluggish metabolisms, boost energy, and slim down physiques

$90 $29

Up to 69% Off Torc Plus Body Contouring

7E Fit Spa

Multiple Locations

Noninvasive, FDA-approved treatments use electrical stimulation to relax and contract muscles while they’re in a resting state

$150 $59

Laser Magic – 92% Off Zerona Treatments

Laser Magic

Multiple Locations

Noninvasive, FDA-approved cold laser helps to slim inches from the waistline, hips, and thighs with little to no downtime

$3,040 $249

Up to 92% Off VelaShape Treatments

The Hollywood Body Laser Center


FDA-approved system melts fat cells with combination of light and radio frequency to reduce the appearance of cellulite

$1,250 $142

Up to 76% Off iLipo Body Countouring Treatments

Dream Shape


During the non-invasive treatment, laser beams penetrate the skin and shrink fat cells, contouring physiques and smoothing cellulite

$400 $104

Up to 85% Off Weight-Loss Injections

Cherry Creek Medical Weight Loss

Multiple Locations

B12 and custom Lipotropic injections facilitate weight loss by boosting energy, metabolizing fats, and preserving lean muscle

$140 $26

Up to 55% Off Ultrasonic Weight Loss

Skinny Minny

Wheat Ridge

During the noninvasive treatment, fat cells can be broken down and excreted naturally from the body

$100 $49

Up to 60% Off iLipo Treatments

Colorado Body Tech


Noninvasive laser treatments minimize localized fat deposits without discomfort or downtime

$99 $41

91% Off a One-Month Weight-Loss Package

Thrive Health Solutions


Phentermine suppresses the appetite; B12 injections boost energy levels and metabolism; medical exam may include body-composition analysis

$647 $56 Sale Ends 7/2

Up to 89% Off Ultra-Cavi Lipo Treatments

Opulence Skin Denver

Multiple Locations

Noninvasive low-frequency sound waves target localized fat deposits in problem spots such as the thighs, belly, or buttocks

$996 $136

Up to 69% Off Body Wraps and Sauna Treatments

The Natural Place

North Central Westminster

Body wraps and infrared-sauna sessions aim to reduce inches and attack toxins and cellulite

$200 $73

Up to 79% Off Body-Sculpting Treatments

Coal Creek Zerona


Special Zerona lasers drain fat cells of their water and glycerin without harming any surrounding tissue

$1,400 $314

Up to 65% Off B12 Injections

Biotwin Medical Weight Loss and Hormone Therapy


Lipotropic B12 injections may help to boost energy levels and increase metabolism

$65 $24

Up to 52% Off Ionic Foot Cleanses

Healing Touch Massage Therapy


Ionic foot cleanse draws toxins out of the body through the feet, and an optional far-infrared body wrap amplifies the detoxifying process

$40 $20

Up to 70% Off Body Wraps and Diet Planning

Figure 8 Body Wrap

Cherry Creek

A body-wrap specialist winds mineral-solution-soaked bandages around the body, aiming to contour the body and diminish cellulite

$88 $41

Up to 81% Off Weight Loss Injections (LipoLean or B12)

Thrive Health Solutions


B12 injections boost energy levels and metabolism; LipoLean solution includes B12 and adds choline, which stokes fat breakdown by the liver

$100 $19

Up to 59% Off Infrared Body Wraps

Changes of Cherry Creek

Virginia Village

Infrared wraps warm the body, aiming to burn calories, eliminate inches, and tone skin

$85 $41

Up to 72% Off Ultrasonic Fat-Reduction Treatments

The Thin Spa

The Thin Spa

Ultrasonic waves penetrate beneath the skin to help reduce the appearance of excess fat and cellulite

$150 $45

Up to 53% Off Tummy Mask at Sund Wellness Spa

Sund Wellness Spa


Guarana, rosemary-leaf oil, and other botanical ingredients help detox the body

$59 $29

30-Pack of Vitamin B12 and Guarana Slimming Patches

Month-long supply of patches that help boost energy so users can tackle their exercise and weight-loss goals

$44.99 $10 Sale Ends 6/30

Up to 84% Off at Physicians Weight Loss Center

Physicians Weight Loss Center

Highlands Ranch

Medical professionals administer weight loss tips supplemented with B-12 injections

$324 $52

Up to 48% Off Mud Body Wraps

Wow Me, The Beauty Spot


Detox with a moor-mud wrap that features reiki work; add on a LaLicious body polish and a mud facial for extra relaxation

$85 $52

Up to 82% Off Zerona Body-Slimming Treatments

Gr8 Alchemy


Noninvasive, FDA-approved cold laser helps to slim inches from waistline, hips, and thighs with little to no downtime

$2,004 $367

Up to 70% Off Vitamin B12 Injections

AfterOurs Urgent Care

Multiple Locations

Vitamin shots boost metabolism and help accelerate weight loss at walk-in clinic clinic staffed by board-certified physicians

$150 $53

Up to 76% Off Lipo Laser

The Slim Co

Fort Collins

Non-invasive Body Light laser treatments help break up fat and contour the figure

$250 $99

60-Count Bottles of Garcinia Cambogia and Green Coffee Bean Supplement

Weight loss supplements supply bodies with 1000mg of garcinia cambogia or 400mg of green coffee bean extract

$149.97 $14.99

Up to 76% Off Laser Lipo at Hair to Bare

Hair To Bare


Using noninvasive laser light, aestheticians aim to reduce the appearance of cellulite, heating up fat cells without damaging other tissue

$250 $99

Up to 70% Off Vitamin B-12 Injections

Rocky Mountain Hormone and Weight Loss Clinic

Greenwood Village

Vitamin B-12 boosts the healthy functioning of metabolisms and encourages a healthy nervous system

$120 $40

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