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85% Off Laser Hair Removal

Laser by Nicole

Located inside Limonchi Spa and Salon(13.9 miles)

Laser treatments heat up hair follicles to prevent hair from growing on such areas as the happy trail, full back, chest, and Brazilian area

$550 $85 Sale Ends 7/5

Up to 81% Off Laser Hair-Removal

BioVital MedSpa

Windmill Ranch Estates(14.7 miles)

The Candela GentleMax Pro machine’s Lasers permanently reduce hair growth at the follicular level during sessions that last up to 45 minutes

$550 $104

Up to 91% Off Laser Hair Removal

Weston Laser

Inside Weston Dermatology(13.7 miles)

Licensed technicians destroy the follicle with a minimum of discomfort—including more sensitive areas like the face, neck, and bikini area

$840 $72 Sale Ends 7/5

Up to 75% Off IPL Hair Removal

Deluxe Center Spa

Lake Ridge(1.3 miles)

Intense pulsed light heats the hair follicle, working to remove hair from skin of any color

$414 $109

Jardin Bleu Spa – Up to 84% Off Laser Hair Removal

Jardin Bleu Spa

Deerfield Beach/Boca(13.6 miles)

Laser light targets follicles to inhibit future hair growth

$600 $99

Up to 88% Off Laser Hair Removal

Pearl Laser Center

Mission Bay(17.8 miles)

During treatments that can last 30–90 minutes, techs use the Soprano XL laser system to permanently reduce hair regrowth by up to 80%

$900 $104

Up to 83% Off laser hair removal at Lux Laser

Lux Laser

The Cove(13.7 miles)

From the merchant: Techs deploy the Soprano XL laser to shut down hair grown, first diode laser virtually pain-free.

$400 $99

Up to 89% Off Laser Hair Removal at GL Clinic

GL Clinic

Multiple Locations(17.4 miles)

Laser hair removal treatments designed for most skin and hair types

$894 $99

75% Off Laser Hair Removal

Biotech Wellness Center

Aventura(11.5 miles)

Intense pulsed light from the Palomar Icon Aesthetic System shuts down follicles to inhibit hair growth

$375 $94 Sale Ends 7/5

Up to 92% Off Laser Hair Removal in Doral

IdeaLaser Cosmetic Center

Doral(25.0 miles)

FDA-approved lasers disable hair growth by heating root at follicle while hand piece cools skin for optimal comfort

$1,800 $167

Institute of Health Services

Institute of Health Services

Palm West(11.5 miles)

Technicians aim lasers to banish unwanted hair at follicle on small, medium, or large areas for long-term reduction in regrowth

$800 $111

Up to 93% Off Laser Hair Removal

Reflections Laser & Wellness Center

Multiple Locations(17.1 miles)

A series of treatments targets follicles at all phases of the growth cycle for smooth limbs free of unwanted body hair

$800 $99

Up to 88% Off Laser Hair Removal Treatments

Liv Plastic Surgery by Dr. Andrew Ress

Boca Raton(14.6 miles)

During doctor-supervised treatments, lasers zap hair from a variety of body areas, leaving a smooth surface behind

$948 $115

Up to 75% Off at Township Laser Center

Township Laser Center

Township Plaza(10.7 miles)

Palomar pulsed-light hand piece reduces hair growth and appearance in targeted areas in 30 minutes or less

$300 $89 Sale Ends 7/5

Up to 88% Off Laser Hair Removal

Laser by Michelle

Located inside Angel's Nails(9.4 miles)

Palomar laser disrupts hair growth at the follicle, creating long-term smoothness over the course of seven treatments

$2,100 $262

Up to 65% Off Laser Hair Removal at BK Beauty Spa

BK Beauty Spa

BK Beauty Spa(13.9 miles)

Med-spa’s technicians use laser technology to remove hair from the body

$280 $104

Up to 85% Off Laser Hair Removal

Aida M. Lopez Dental Spa

North Miami(16.0 miles)

Licensed technicians man an Alma Soprano laser with a cooling mechanism that keeps clients comfortable while inhibiting hair growth

$450 $125

Up to 86% Off Laser Hair Removal

Touch Of Life Med Spa

Multiple Locations(16.9 miles)

Techs deploy gentle laser beams to shut down hair growth at the follicle level

$480 $104

Up to 79% Off at AG Skin Care

AG Skin Care

Weston(15.1 miles)

Aestheticians aim their laser beams at unwanted fuzz, permanently reducing hair growth

$480 $99

Up to 86% Off Laser Hair Removal

Just4Body Spa

Miami Lakes Industrial Park(17.5 miles)

Laser techs quash unwanted hair across the body, allowing clients to enjoy long-lasting hairlessness without constant shaving or waxing

$590 $104

Up to 91% Off Laser Hair Removal

Touch of Life Med Spa

Multiple Locations(16.9 miles)

Utilizing Candela laser technology, technicians noninvasively inhibit future hair growth for varying skin and hair types

$1,650 $149

Up to 88% Off Laser Hair Removal

Estucia Weight Loss and Aesthetics

Village Commerce Center(41.0 miles)

Licensed practitioner analyzes skin before skilled staffers use long-pulse lasers to help remove unwanted hair in noninvasive treatments

$800 $111

Up to 50% Off Laser Hair Removal

ANJ Permanent Hair Removal & Aesthetics

Miami Lakes(17.5 miles)

Certified medical electrologist eradicates unsightly hair with LightSheer Duet laser

$250 $125

Up to 83% Off Laser Hair Removal

Todd A. Kupferman, M.D.

Lighthouse Point(10.6 miles)

Laser light limits future hair growth on the face or body

$599 $153 Sale Ends 7/5

83% Off One Year of Laser Hair-Removal Treatments

Natural Beauty Laser

Natural Beauty Laser(17.6 miles)

Lasers target unwanted hairs on a small area, such as the lip, toes, or bikini line

$1,200 $199

Up to 68% Off Laser Hair Removal

Med Lake Center & Spa

Miami Lakes(17.3 miles)

Lasers target hair follicles to heat the root and render unwanted fuzz unable to grow

$270 $116

Up to 80% Off Laser Hair Removal

Dr. Jose L. Avila

Miami(12.5 miles)

A professional applies laser technology to skin, helping stem growth permanently over time

$450 $136

76% Off Laser Hair Removal Treatments on a Small Area

First Image Laser

Delray Manors(20.1 miles)

From the merchant: The Candela GentleMax laser will provide a clean effective treatment with long-lasting results.

$500 $120

Part of our expanded, competitively-priced selection