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      Muscletech Nitro Tech Whey Protein

      Whey protein to help boost performance and recovery while building lean muscle

      $49.99 $27.99

      Marika Women's Magic Slimming Capri Leggings

      Fitted capri leggings feature inner power mesh lining along the thighs, a CoolMax waistband, and contour seaming for a slenderized look

      $55 $19.99

      Evertone Sport Slimming Body Belt

      Slimming belt works to tighten & tone the midsection by trapping in body heat & speeding up your metabolism; lightweight, low-profile design

      $19.99 $12.99

      ProForm Stretch Bands (3-Pack)

      Three stretchable workout bands offering light, medium, and heavy resistance to custom-tailor your workout to tone muscle and burn fat

      $24.99 $8.99

      6-Pack Padded Racerback Sports Bra

      Padded sports bras keep everything in place during rigorous workouts, runs, or sports

      $139.99 $29.99

      Women's Solid Yoga Shorts (4-Pack)

      Designed with free movement in mind, comfy slim-fitting yoga shorts with a fold-over waist don’t encumber intricate poses or other exercises

      $100 $29.99

      Women's Shaping and Support Sports Bras (3-Pack)

      Sports bras with underwire and padded cups offer maximum shaping and support; seamless Y-back design for small chests or low-impact workouts

      $60 $23.99

      Proform 5-Piece Resistance-Tube Fitness Kit

      Resistance tubes in five different resistance levels let you perform workouts in small spaces, such as hotel rooms

      $44.99 $19.99

      Coco Limon Women's Active Capris

      With stretchy, moisture-wicking fabric and a stripe of color down the leg, these capris are great for exercise, yoga, and lounging around

      $69.99 $12.99

      Remedy Athletic Kinetic Kinesiology Tape

      Athletic kinetic kinesiology tape supports sore muscles and joints for up to four days per application

      $10.99 $7.99

      Women's Ombre Fade Activewear Leggings

      Add a bright dose of color to your fitness wardrobe and make workouts more fun with these ombre leggings

      $69.99 $19.99

      NordicTrack Unisex Reflective Running Vest

      Lightweight running vest made of soft, breathable mesh, with highly reflective strips to increase visibility during nighttime jogs and runs

      $19.99 $6.99

      AB Command EMS Fitness Belt

      FDA-approved belt uses Electro Muscle Stimulation technique to tone and strengthen abs, performing at least 400 muscle contractions a minute

      $69.95 $39.99

      Himalayan Salt Inhaler Air Therapy

      Salt-filled pipe for at-home therapy; may help open and cleanse airways, relieve asthma- or allergy-related distress, and rehydrate lungs

      $34.99 $12.99

      JAVAPRO Whey Protein Complex Drink Mix; 22 Servings. Multiple...

      Whey protein blended with real coffee provides a caffeine- and protein-rich pick-me-up before workouts, after workouts, or any time of day

      $41 $22.99

      Gold's Gym K10 Seven-Piece Body Building Set

      This compact yet comprehensive set includes equipment for pull-ups, knee-raises, and other exercises, providing a full-body workout

      $49.99 $39.99

      2-Pack of Black Yoga Pants

      Two pairs of fitted black yoga pants can be worn while working out or lounging or paired with an oversized sweater for a stylish casual look

      $72 $17.99

      Dance Fit Extreme 4-DVD Set

      Get in tiptop shape post-holidays with these four workout DVDs, which blend salsa, hip-hop, and other dances with kickboxing and aerobics

      $14.98 $7.99

      Bally Total Fitness Women's Ultimate Slimming Capri Leggings...

      Thanks to a fitted design and contour seaming, these leggings with a CoolMax gusset and power mesh lining creates slender look

      $55 $19.99

      Front and Back 5-LED Bicycle Lights

      LED bike lights with quick-release mounts help cyclists stay visible to passersby and drivers under any conditions

      $34.99 $6.99

      Rock & Luxe 3/4 Length Slimming Yoga Pants. Multiple Colors Available

      Great for yoga, running, and working out, these fitted pants are made from a breathable cotton blend.

      $39.99 $14.99

      Women's High Performance Diamond Print Capris

      These capris feature four-way stretch fabric and moisture-wicking material for added comfort during workouts, yoga or just running errands

      $59.99 $13.99

      Evertone Slim Sweat Belt

      Lightweight belt generates heat around the waist, which may in turn stimulate circulation and ramp up metabolic rate

      $59.95 $18.99

      Women's Plus Size Moisture Wicking Yoga Pants

      Women’s plus size yoga pants keep sweat from building up with moisture wicking stretchy fabric for a comfortable workout

      $42.99 $12.99

      CLIF Energy Bars (24-Pack)

      These tasty, chewy bars with organic oats make healthy midday or on-the-go snacks

      $49.98 $27.99

      6-Pack of Cupped Racerback Sports Bras

      Free of uncomfortable underwire yet still plenty supportive with the addition of padded cups, these bras are perfect for jogging and more

      $139.99 $29.99

      Women's Cotton Athletic Yoga Mini Shorts

      These comfy drawstring yoga shorts grant legs freedom and mobility with their short length, making them great to wear to the gym or at home

      $35 $9.99

      Gear Beast Bicycle, Golf Cart, & Stroller Universal Smartphone...

      Cradle safely secures mobile devices to bike and stroller handlebars and can rotate 360° for ideal viewing; installs quickly and easily

      $29.99 $9.99

      2-Pack of Solid Yoga Leggings

      High-waisted fitted leggings designed for yoga and working out can also be paired with tunics and sweaters for a stylish casual look

      $49.99 $18.99

      77% Off at Yoga Club DFW

      Yoga Club DFW

      77% Off at Yoga Club DFW

      Cedar Hill

      Classes include gentle beginners yoga, the more vigorous Yin/Yang yoga, and Friday’s Yoga Happy Hour for all levels

      $125 $29