Up to 50% Off Rock-Climbing Day Passes

The Edge Rock Gym

Spring Park(3.2 miles)

Rock-climbing session equips climbers with gear and sends them scaling up enormous rock walls

$19 $10

89% Off Advanced 3D Teeth-Whitening Kit and Lifetime Refills

Advanced Teeth Whitening USA

Deerwood Park Center(8.8 miles)

Peroxide technology works its way into breaking up stains and discoloration on teeth, whether in 15 minutes or overnight

$149 $16.99

Up to 54% Off Massages at Chiropractic Plus

Chiropractic Plus

Multiple Locations(16.9 miles)

Therapists alleviate pain with deep-tissue work, Graston techniques, the consistent pressure of neuromuscular therapy, or vacuum-cup therapy

$70 $35

75% Off Eye Exam and Credit Toward Prescription Glasses

Vision Express

Jacksonville(10.4 miles)

Outfit faces in styling eyeglasses or sunglasses from designers such as Coach, Kate Spade, Ray-Ban, Nike, and Gucci

$259 $65

90% Off Laser Nail Fungus Removal

Laser Loft

Secret Cove(7.3 miles)

Laser treatments help to remove stubborn fungus from nail beds

$500 $49

Up to 70% Off Pole Fitness Classes

inShape Ladies Fitness

Southside/Mandarin(9.3 miles)

Pole fitness classes build core strength and flexibility

$125 $40

72% Off Weight-Loss Program at FirstCoast MD

FirstCoast MD

Royal Lakes(9.6 miles)

A physician-supervised plan relies on weekly vitamin B12 injections, metabolism checks, and BMI and body-fat measurements

$349 $99

71% Off an Online Nutrition Course

Nutrition Cube

People interested in nutrition as a career or lifestyle component learn about the fundamentals, including digestion, diet, and metabolism

$99.95 $29

Up to 59% Off Manatee Tour and Snorkel

Manatee Tour and Dive

Crystal River

Guides lead snorkelers on safe tours of Crystal River National Wildlife Refuge to cavort with west indian manatees in warm waters

$24.50 $10

Up to 88% Off Chiropractic or Massage Services

Back & Neck Institute

Orange Park(11.2 miles)

Chiropractic treatments help relive joint pain by straightening spines; massage therapy soothes muscle aches

$350 $43

Up to 84% Off Spider-Vein Removal

Medex Clinic

Avicena Family Care(9.6 miles)

Laser light or an injected serum target spider veins to gradually fade them from view

$700 $129

88% Off Home Teeth-Whitening Kit

Premium Home Whitening

Home teeth-whitening kit contains upper and lower trays preloaded with gel that brighten teeth by up to 5 shades over 10 days

$160 $19.99

Up to 67%Off Body Wraps and Sauna Sessions

Slim Body & Spa

Multiple Locations(16.5 miles)

Infrared heat bolsters body wraps to help clients relax and lose inches while they detoxify the body

$100 $39

68% Off Bicycle Tune-Up at The Bicycle Clinic

The Bicycle Clinic

Baymeadows Center(9.6 miles)

During tune-ups, techs check out the entire bike to make sure every component is in proper working order

$60 $19

Up to 42% Off Massage and Foot Reflexology

Sole Therapy

Deerwood(8.2 miles)

A licensed massage therapist uses pressure points in the feet to ease chronic tension and promote relaxation, soothes backs with massage

$85 $55

75% Off at Blue Lotus Acupuncture

Blue Lotus Acupuncture

Jacksonville Beach(16.1 miles)

Administered by a licensed acupuncturist, very-fine needles help open chi flow and ease symptoms such as headaches, sciatica, and back pain

$175 $43

$9.99 for Beach Body Makeover from iTRAIN


Downloadable MP3 workouts guide participants through music, cardio, and strength routines that tone bodies; some require no gym equipment

$29.97 $9.99

83% Off Spider-Vein Removal Treatments

L.A. Quinn MD

Multiple Locations(16.6 miles)

A doctor injects unwanted veins with a saline-based solution, which collapses them; veins then gradually fade from view

$900 $149

66% Off Chiropractic Exam Package

Axiom Wellness Center

Arrowhead(10.3 miles)

Licensed chiropractor thoroughly examines spines for posture and bulging discs and applies strategic pressures to reduce pain and stiffness

$140 $47

Up to 50% Off Kayak Rental or Paddleboard Lesson

All Wet Sports

South Side(6.1 miles)

Paddleboards meander through scenic Big Pottsburg Creek, with instructors giving safety and paddling tips as kayakers take off on their own

$40.19 $20

80% Off at McGuffin Smith Chiropractic

McGuffin Smith Chiropractic

Jacksonville Beach(15.8 miles)

Chiropractors perform thorough exams and consult thermal images, then create a wellness report and perform helpful adjustments

$225 $45

51% Off Barre Classes

Everbalance Yoga, Barre, and Pilates

Baymeadows Center(9.9 miles)

Ballet-inspired exercises tone muscles during barre classes designed for all levels, including sessions that include Pilates moves or cardio

$99 $49

Up to 77% Off Massage and Chiropractic Care

Foland Chiropractic & Spa

Jacksonville(13.2 miles)

The chiropractor performs an exam and adjusts the spine to alleviate pain and improve nerve function; a massage relaxes achy muscles

$330 $75

83% Off Chiropractic Treatment Package

Deerwood Lake Chiropractic

Tinsel Town(7.6 miles)

Chiropractor performs an examination and takes x-rays of patients before treating chronic pain with a massage or K-laser therapy

$210 $35

Up to 67% Off Community Acupuncture Sessions

The Bow Acupuncture & Community Wellness

Jacksonville(2.7 miles)

Hair-thin needles are used to treat chronic and acute pain throughout the body and relieve stress in sessions that can last up to 60 minutes

$45 $15

87% Off Take-Home Teeth-Whitening Kit


Deerwood(8.8 miles)

Professional-grade bleaching gel and LED light erase unsightly stains; remineralizing gel strengthens enamel and reduces sensitivity

$199 $25

Up to 65% Off at Jacksonville Chiropractic and Acupuncture

Jacksonville Chiropractic and Acupuncture

Deerwood(10.6 miles)

Dr. Jeremiah Carlson focuses on locating and correcting the positions of misaligned vertebrae in order to address pain throughout the body

$100 $40

51% Off Body Wrap

Bee-Utiful Skin and Nails

Perimeter Park(8.2 miles)

Infrared body wrap heats up the core in order to burn calories, and detoxify the body

$100 $49

Up to 63% Off Bicycle Tune-Up or Rental

The Bicycle Clinic

Baymeadows Center(9.7 miles)

Techs get cycles road ready with a tune-up including free pickup and drop-off; new 3G beach cruisers facilitate leisurely day of riding

$30 $12

73% Off Laser Tattoo Removal

Medex Clinic

Westside(5.1 miles)

Tattoos gradually fade under laser’s light

$897 $239

50% Off LASIK at The LASIK Vision Institute

The LASIK Vision Institute

Jacksonville(7.4 miles)

LASIK procedure performed by an experienced specialist with a company that has performed close to 1 million eye surgeries nationwide

$1,400 $699

Up to 44% Off Monthly Bait & Tackle Deliveries from Tackle Grab

Tackle Grab

Anglers receive monthly boxes of bait and tackle, customized to their preferred fishing styles and delivered to their doorsteps

$45 $25

80% Off Dental Exam at Solanki Dentistry

Solanki Dentistry

Jacksonville(4.8 miles)

Dental staff performs a thorough exam to check for any signs of disease or decay, and a full cleaning to leave teeth sparkling

$300 $59

Up to 54% Off Hiking or Kayaking Tour

Amelia Island Adventures

Lofton Creek Camp Ground(21.1 miles)

Expert guides lead kayaking or hiking tours of creeks, waterways, or islands

$140 $65

55% Off LASIK Surgery for Both Eyes

LASIK Specialist LLC Jacksonville

Multiple Locations(14.8 miles)

The high-definition LASIK package includes preoperative care, a 5- to 10-minute laser procedure per eye, and post-op exams

$4,400 $1,999

Up to 77% Off Prescription Glasses or Sunglasses and Exam

Healthy Eye Family and Developmental Vision Center

Palm Valley(19.1 miles)

Eye exam yields prescriptions for complete pairs of glasses or sunglasses from brands such as Gucci, Calvin Klein, Fendi, and Nike

$279 $65

80% Off Eye Exam and Eyeglasses

Derickson Vision Consultants

Jacksonville(8.1 miles)

High-tech exam has no-guesswork equipment; snacks and refreshments are complimentary

$300 $59

80% Off at Eye Care For You

Eye Care For You

Jacksonville(11.5 miles)

Keep your vision clear and sharp with comprehensive exams and a stylish selection of designer frames

$345 $69

82% Off Vitamin B12 Injections

Total Pain Relief

Southeast Jacksonville(11.9 miles)

Vitamin B12 boosts the healthy functioning of metabolisms and encourages a healthy nervous system

$375 $69

78% Off Dental Services at Lysandro Tapnio, DMD

Lysandro Tapnio, DMD

Jacksonville(8.2 miles)

Dr. Tapnio, the "Gentle Dentist," has tended to patients with his warm chairside manner since 1983.

$325 $70

Up to 83% Off Lipo Light

Slim Body & Spa

Multiple Locations(16.5 miles)

Applied to the skin, Lipo Light causes fat cells to release water, glycerol, and fatty acids, resulting in body contouring and weight loss

$630 $129

Up to 71% Off Classes at Radiance Bikram Yoga

Radiance Bikram Yoga

San Marco(1.3 miles)

Heated studio space hosts hot yoga sessions for students of all skill levels; antibacterial floors and private showers

$70 $25

Up to 70% Off Acupuncture Packages

Jax Holistic Medicine

Viviana Viera @ Jax Holistic Medicine(2.5 miles)

Licensed acupuncturist, herbalist, and doctorate candidate in acupuncture and Oriental medicine

$200 $59

Up to 68% Off at MBody Yoga

MBody Yoga

Multiple Locations(6.9 miles)

Heated studio helps muscles stretch farther as instructors guide students through fluid poses

$119 $39

64% Off a HardCORE Yoga Program


Download this guided home-exercise program that combines weight training, cardio exercise, and yoga for intensive workouts

$80 $29

67% Off Zerona Body Sculpting

Thin Centers MD

Jacksonville Beach(15.9 miles)

Noninvasive, FDA-approved cold laser system helps to slim inches from waistline, hips, and thighs with little to no downtime

$1,200 $399

Up to 51% Off a Reiki Session

Nadia Rubin at Advanced Healing Therapies

Advanced Healing Therapies Co.(39.7 miles)

Therapist Nadia Rubin places her hands over the client’s body to direct energy throughout the body, enhancing wellness and relaxation

$70 $35

Up to 53% Off Reiki, Massage, or Wrap

Solé Spa Wellness Center

Jacksonville Beach(15.9 miles)

Reiki aims to unclog channels of life force to promote wellness, reflexology massage strokes relieve pain and tension, and wraps detoxify

$125 $60

Part of our expanded, competitively-priced selection