Up to 72% Off Acupuncture Sessions

The Lotus Acupuncture & Wellness Center

The Lotus Acupuncture & Wellness Center(2.2 miles)

Licensed acupuncturist inserts thin sterilized needles along the body's energy meridians to stimulate the immune system and promote wellness

$75 $22

Up to 52% Off Colon-Hydrotherapy Sessions

Serenity Colon Hydrotherapy LLC

Scottsdale(9.4 miles)

Colon hydrotherapy removes waste from the colon while promoting overall health and balance within the large intestine

$120 $62

Up to 84% Off Colon-Hydrotherapy Packages

Natural Healing Waters

Indian Palm(17.4 miles)

Colon hydrotherapy attempts to flush toxins out of bodies, as do 60-minute infrared sauna sessions

$105 $29

Up to 52% Off Foot Detox for One or Two

Sol Wellness

Tempe(6.8 miles)

Feet soak in warm, ionized water while ions work to draw out toxins

$30 $15

Up to 76% Off Chakra Balancing and Reiki

Total Rejuvenation Center

Scottsdale(7.8 miles)

Chakra-balancing and reiki session with optional acupressure or acupuncture works to clear energy blockages and relieve stress

$125 $49

Up to 68% Off Cranio-Sacral Therapy

Live Free Integrative Therapies

Paradise Valley(15.6 miles)

Holistic therapist uses light, focused pressure to release tension in the scalp, spinal column, and sacrum

$390 $139

90% Off Chiropractic Package at The Soloman Center

The Soloman Center

Camelback East(4.9 miles)

X-rays and electrical spinal scan reveal spinal conditions; gentle and precise touches prompt the body to release built-up spinal tension

$480 $49

94% Off Chiropractic Package and Massage

Camelback Medical Centers

Multiple Locations(9.7 miles)

Doctors of chiropractic help patients overcome muscular tension, headaches, and back or neck pain with massage and chiropractic care

$560 $35

60% Off Detox and Matcha Teas at Teaglad


Organic, detox loose-leaf tea helps clients lose weight, program includes strainer and guide; fine-ground antioxidant-rich matcha tea

$35 $14

57% Off 90-Minute Hypnotherapy Session

THRIVE Hypnotherapy with Jules Levin

Central Scottsdale(14.3 miles)

Board certified hypnotherapist tailors personalized sessions to empower clients to create permanent changes for a healthier and happier life

$160 $69

Up to 74% Off Chiropractic Exam and Adjustments

Phoenix Mountain Chiropractic Life Center

Phoenix(10.0 miles)

Chiropractor identifies sources of pain and corrects them using low-risk, noninvasive adjustments

$80 $29

45% Off Detoxification


Phoenix(6.3 miles)

Local businesses like this one promote thriving, distinctive communities by offering a rich array of goods and services to locals like you

$419 $230

Up to 70% Off Reflexology Sessions

Stay Healthy Institute

Camelback East(4.7 miles)

Practitioners employ ancient healing methods to massage and stimulate feet, reducing stress and boosting circulation

$54 $16

70% Off Hypnosis

Wholistic Healing

Concord Village(19.3 miles)

Local businesses like this one promote thriving, distinctive communities by offering a rich array of goods and services to locals like you

$120 $36

Up to 94% Off Chiropractic Care

Great Choice Chiropractic

Chandler(12.4 miles)

Gentle chiropractic care packages with Activator adjustments, which happen quickly without potentially stressful twists and cracks

$325 $21

65% Off Reiki

The Holistic Hummingbird

Camelback East(5.1 miles)

Thirty minutes of reiki healing, chakra balancing, and aromatherapy followed by 30 minutes of certified holistic coaching.

$150 $53

Up to 57% Off Organic Detox

Raw Green Organics

All-natural vegan digestive support system to help clients cleanse their bodies of toxins

$120 $54.99

56% Off Acupuncture Package

Quiescent Care Acupuncture

Oasis Neighborhood(15.5 miles)

Acupuncture paired with cupping to help manage pain and other ailments

$170 $74

75% Off Chiropractic Care

Foothills Family Chiropractic Llc

Foothills Golf Club(9.9 miles)

Local businesses like this one promote thriving, distinctive communities by offering a rich array of goods and services to locals like you

$280 $70

Up to 72% Off Neuromuscular Stretching

Golf and Sport Therapies

Scottsdale(15.3 miles)

Dr. LeBeau uses neuromuscular stretching to target clients’ limitations using a combination of contracting and relaxing muscles

$175 $49

Up to 96% Off at Glendale Chiropractic Life Center

Glendale Chiropractic Life Center

Glendale(14.6 miles)

Chiropractors soothe back pain and disc injuries with treatments such as spinal adjustment, mechanical traction, and manual therapy

$745 $39

Up to 55% Off at Acupuncture ​by Rachelle

Acupuncture ​by Rachelle

Multiple Locations(9.7 miles)

Licensed acupuncturist helps treat pain, allergies, stress, and other maladies with a natural, ancient technique

$90 $45

43% Off Three-Day Juice Cleanse

Juice Rx

Around 30 different flavors, all 100% organic, of cold-pressed juices extracted via Norwalk method to preserve nutrients with no water added

$209.97 $119

Up to 95% Off Chiropractic Packages

Mesa Chiropractic and Rehabilitation

Mesa(14.8 miles)

Using noninvasive techniques, chiropractor identifies ailments and attempts to relieve them at their source

$420 $30

65% Off a Hypnotherapy Session

Amy Rosner Clinical Hypnotherapy

Heritage District(17.7 miles)

From the merchant: Learn how to do self-hypnosis and receive a suggestion therapy session to promote healthy habits and positive actions.

$150 $53

Up to 59% Off Reflexology Sessions

Hu Gi Acu-Herbal Center

Chandler(16.0 miles)

Reflexology sessions come with an herbal soak and can help relieve tension throughout the body

$75 $37

80% Off Acupuncture at AZ Medical Acupuncture

AZ Medical Acupuncture

Camelback East(5.5 miles)

Acupuncturist who has 10 years of postgraduate training in Asian universities and clinics inserts hair-thin needles into the body

$200 $40

Up to 54% Off Reiki

Sol Wellness

Tempe(6.8 miles)

Therapist targets specific energy pathways on the body, helping patients relax and recharge

$60 $29

Up to 81% Off Chiropractic Care

Arizona Pain & Posture

North Scottsdale(18.6 miles)

Doctor of chiropractic oversees treatments that relive chronic pain and address postural issues

$270 $52

Up to 71% Off Chiropractic Packages

Chiropractic Wellness Center

Phoenix(9.9 miles)

Chiropractor finds causes of pain and works to relieve them with noninvasive adjustments, massages and optional physiotherapy

$160 $50

Up to 61% Off Colon-Hydrotherapy

Mind, Body, & Flow

Chandler(16.1 miles)

Colon hydrotherapy removes waste from the colon while promoting overall health and balance within the lower intestine

$135 $62

63% Off Reiki Treatment

Guided Light Reiki

The Groves(18.7 miles)

From the merchant: Valid for a 30-minute energy session

$30 $11

Up to 62% Off Colon Hydrotherapy

Granger Naturopathic Clinic

Deer Valley(16.3 miles)

FDA-approved colonic equipment purges waste from the colon with a gentle stream of purified water

$130 $49

93% Off at Healing Touch Chiropractic & Rehab

Healing Touch Chiropractic & Rehab

Multiple Locations(7.6 miles)

Chiropractor examines spines, takes x-rays, and adjusts spines

$485 $35

Up to 66% Off Chiropractic Care

Preventive Chiropractic Health Care

Mesa(12.3 miles)

Doctor of chiropractic pinpoints the source of aches and chronic pain with exam before performing spinal adjustments

$175 $65

53% Off a Three-Day Skinny Juice Cleanse from Raw Generation

Raw Generation

Blends of fresh and raw fruit and veggie juices help detox the body, burn fat, and deliver vital nutrients to build your immune system

$209.97 $99

Part of our expanded, competitively-priced selection