60% Off Detox and Matcha Teas at Teaglad


Organic, detox loose-leaf tea helps clients lose weight, program includes strainer and guide; fine-ground antioxidant-rich matcha tea

$35 $14

92% Off Six-Week Weight-Loss Program

AZ Professional Weight Loss

Multiple Locations(7.3 miles)

Six-week weight-loss program includes vitamin injections that help support energy levels and curb daytime and nighttime food cravings

$450 $37

Up to 90% Off Weight-Loss Packages


Scottsdale(15.2 miles)

Packages combine lipo-laser procedures with lipotropic injections and B12 injections to help patients slim down and increase energy levels

$1,033 $139

79% Off Weight-Loss Injections

FIT Medical Weight Loss

Multiple Locations(22.1 miles)

Injections of B vitamins and lipotropic amino acids help dieters to reach weight-loss goals with boosts of energy

$150 $32

Up to 73% Off Weight-Loss Programs

AZ Medical Weight Control

Phoenix(7.2 miles)

A medical team customizes a weight-loss program that includes vitamin B12 injections, appetite suppressants, and weekly follow-ups

$108 $35

62% Off Weight-Loss Program

Valley Medical Weight Loss

North Phoenix(13.4 miles)

Meal plans and prescribed supplements aid weight-loss goals, while consultations and weigh-ins track progress

$190 $73

Up to 83% Off Lipo Light Treatments

Arizona Lipo Light

Scottsdale(14.7 miles)

LED light breaks fat cells down, releases contents into body’s lymphatic system; whole body vibrations help accelerate the process

$285 $53 Sale Ends 7/5

80% Off Slimming Whole Body Wraps

Weight Loss and Wellness Solutions

Weight Loss and Wellness Solutions(14.5 miles)

Learn the latest findings in weight-loss research and how they can help you

$295 $59

Up to 70% Off Body Shaping Wraps

Arizona Lipo Light

Scottsdale(14.7 miles)

Body wraps help reduce inches and cellulite while contouring physiques; LED photofacials leave skin clearer and smoother

$125 $52

Up to 95% Off Ultrasonic Cavitation

Body By Kim

Scottsdale(8.9 miles)

Ultrasonic cavitation works to shrink fat cells, which are disposed of naturally by the body; $50 credit toward future services included

$1,180 $104

86% Off Fitness and Health Assessment

Grindstone Health and Fitness

Mesa(16.7 miles)

Using ultrasonic technology, technicians can assess muscle and fat content within the body to accurately track health and fitness regimens

$139 $19

53% Off a Three-Day Skinny Juice Cleanse from Raw Generation

Raw Generation

Blends of fresh and raw fruit and veggie juices help detox the body, burn fat, and deliver vital nutrients to build your immune system

$209.97 $99

Up to 90% Off Fat-Burning Injections at Aletris Center

Aletris Center

Central Scottsdale(12.8 miles)

Vitamin-B12 or Lipodissolve injections help burn up stores of fat to slim down trouble areas

$200 $37

Up to 75% Off Six-Week Weight-Loss Program

Neos Med Spa

Multiple Locations(15.9 miles)

Weight-loss programs help clients get to their target weight with body-composition analysis and weekly fat-burning injections

$125 $37

59% Off Four-Week Weight-Loss Program

Valley Medical Weight Control

McClintock(10.2 miles)

Doctors oversee weight-loss program using FDA-approved appetite medications and injections

$180 $73

Up to 86% Off Laser-Lipo Weight-Loss Package

The Slim Co

Deer Valley(15.3 miles)

Noninvasive laser light targets localized fat deposits; B12 Lipotropic injections can help with weight loss

$950 $139

Up to 73% Off Acupuncture or Weight-Loss Acupuncture

Health For Life Naturopathic Medicine

Paradise Ranchitos(13.0 miles)

Acupuncture helps patients overcome a wide range of maladies and stimulates weight-loss; B12 injections enhance the weight-loss effect

$125 $40 Sale Ends 7/5

Juice from the Raw—Up to 54% Off Three-Day Juice Cleanses

Juice from the Raw

Three-day supply (18 bottles) of cold-pressed raw juices packed with essential nutrients and enzymes

$185 $89

Up to 71% Off Vitamin-B12 Injections

Southwest Integrative Medicine

Paradise Valley(14.0 miles)

Vitamin and lipotropic injections may help boost the metabolism, mood, and energy; doctors evaluate hormones that may be affecting weight

$100 $48

Up to 70% Off Weight-Loss Program

Scottsdale Medicine & Weight Loss Center

North Scottsdale(14.0 miles)

Weight-loss programs help whittle waists with B12 injections, which may help boost metabolism, and fat burners

$120 $41

Up to 61% Off Lipo Laser Treatments

Lifecare Chiropractic

Dobson Ranch(13.2 miles)

Experienced clinician applies Lipo Laser in order to help non-invasively dissolve fat cells

$360 $139

Up to 71% Off Infrared Body Wraps

Agave Massage

South Scottsdale(9.4 miles)

Formostar body wraps coax toxins out of the body through perspiration and promote the burning of calories with infrared heat

$85 $29

43% Off Three-Day Juice Cleanse

Juice Rx

Around 30 different flavors, all 100% organic, of cold-pressed juices extracted via Norwalk method to preserve nutrients with no water added

$209.97 $119

Up to 65% Off Lipo Laser Treatments

Lifecare Chiropractic

Dobson Ranch(13.2 miles)

Experienced clinician applies Lipo Laser in order to help noninvasively dissolve fat cells

$200 $73

Up to 65% Off Slimming Body Wraps

Clarity Chiropractic & Wellness

Camelback East(4.4 miles)

Slimming body wraps employ an herbal concoction to remove inches, boost circulation, spur lymphatic flow, and incite detoxification

$85 $35

Up to 67% Off B12 and MIC Injections


Multiple Locations(12.8 miles)

Vitamin injections infuse metabolisms with energy that helps to burn calories and boost workouts

$100 $39

80% Off Fat-Burning Injections

Arizona Natural Doctors

Mesa(12.9 miles)

Injections of Lipotrophic amino acids B vitamins promote weight loss, increase energy, and reduce stress, while supporting the liver

$150 $30

Up to 83% Off B Lean Ultra Injections

Foothills Primary Care

Chandler(15.5 miles)

B Lean Ultra injections help boost energy and burn fat

$150 $27

76% Off B6, B12, and MIC Weight-Loss Injections

New Results Medical Weight Loss

Multiple Locations(22.3 miles)

Board-certified physician oversees weight-loss programs, and helps spur on efforts with combination of B12, B6, and MIC

$150 $37

Up to 80% Off B-Vitamin Injections

Dr. Todd Winton

Ahwatukee Foothills(11.3 miles)

Vitamin and lipotropic injections boost energy and metabolism to help clients lose weight

$125 $29

Up to 76% Off B-Complex or Lipotropic Injections

Shawn Steinborn, NMD

Rural-Southern(9.5 miles)

Injectable therapy boosts energy and metabolism while stimulating the liver to detoxify the body.

$60 $20

Up to 86% Off Weight-Loss Injections

Naturopathic Essentials

Central Scottsdale(14.2 miles)

Injections work to boost metabolism, kick-start fat-burning processes, and improve mental function

$195 $29 Sale Ends 7/5

Up to 77% Off Vitamin B Shots

Healing Palms

Phoenix (4.2 miles)

Mixture of B6 and B12 vitamins boost red blood cell production, increase energy, and suppress appetites

$150 $37

Up to 51% Off Ultrasonic Cavitation Treatments

Give Me Body Fitness Spa


From the merchant: This procedure breaks down fat cells to a liquid state, then they naturally drain through your body’s lymphatic system

$110 $55

Up to 84% Off Packages of B6 or B12 Shots

Arizona Sports & Rehabilitation

North Scottsdale(14.1 miles)

Weight-loss experts help clients achieve their goals with metabolism-boosting injections

$150 $28 Sale Ends 7/5

Up to 76% Off Weight-Loss Injections

Vitality Natural Health Care

Tempe(13.0 miles)

Licensed naturopathic doctor injects lipotropic enzyme-infused shots and B12/B6 solutions to help burn fat and increase energy

$400 $94

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