65% Off Naturopathy

Carolina Partners In Mental Healthcare, Pllc


From the merchant: Dr. Brandon is a licensed naturopathic physician who provides health, nutrition, and wellness counseling to all ages

$150 $53

83% Off Chiropractic Package

North Hills Family Chiropractic

North Hills

Package includes an exam, x-rays, adjustment, and a report of findings

$210 $35

Up to 58% Off Chiropractic Therapies

Infinity Chiropractic


Adjustments address the nervous system to ease aches, and myofascial release tends to muscles and soft tissue to restore range of motion

$40 $19

Up to 67% Off Hypnosis Sessions

Positive Spiral Hypnosis for Wellness

Chapel Hill

Certified hypnotherapist induces a deeply calm state to alleviate stress and help with issues such as overeating, smoking, and insomnia

$200 $69

45% Off Reiki

Molly Grace Designs Llc


From the merchant: Offering a 60-minute Reiki treatment

$75 $41

Up to 83% Off at Omega Chiropractic Center

Omega Chiropractic Center


Chiropractor with experience in personal training looks for subluxations in the spine and breaks apart scar tissue in the muscles

$295 $49

Up to 55% Off Reiki Sessions

Brilliant Light Healing LLC

North Raleigh

Reiki practitioner aims to direct healing energy into the body to help achieve physical and emotional balance

$70 $35

53% Off a Three-Day Skinny Juice Cleanse from Raw Generation

Raw Generation

Blends of fresh and raw fruit and veggie juices help detox the body, burn fat, and deliver vital nutrients to build your immune system

$209.97 $99

Up to 71% Off Wellness Treatments

Isadore Chiropractic Acupuncture & Massage


An acupuncturist and a massage therapist untie tension and pain with noninvasive techniques

$80 $35

Up to 67% Off Hypnotherapy

Flourish For Life


Hypnotherapists can cater the session to a variety of goals such as weight loss, smoking cessation, overcoming fear, and reducing anxiety

$135 $49

Up to 83% Off HydroMassage

Community Chiropractic


Waves of heated water gently knead back muscles while clients remain fully clothed and relax on a comfortable bed

$30 $12

Up to 91% Off Chiropractic Packages

HealthSource of Lake Boone Trail

Northwest Raleigh

Chiropractor pinpoints areas of pain and works to noninvasively relieve them with adjustments and spinal decompression

$379 $39

86% Off a Full-Body Detox Package

Chiropractic Nutrition Center


Chiropractors evaluate bodies, coax toxins out of hiding with ionic footbaths, and craft a custom nutrition program

$300 $43 Sale Ends 5/31

Up to 67% Off Physical Therapy Package

Complete Chiropractic Sports and Wellness


Doctors of physical therapy evaluate patients to determine the cause of aches and pains, aiming to ease discomfort with follow-up

$200 $69

44% Off a Reiki Session with Aromatherapy

Enlighten Up Wellness

Chapel Hill

Therapeutic reiki is an advanced form of reiki utilizing knowledge of Japanese, Chinese, and ayurvedic healing protocols

$90 $50

Up to 65% Off Acupuncture

The Bannard Center


Licensed therapist plants small, sterile needles at key points on the body’s energy pathways to facilitate healing and wellness

$65 $25

Up to 91% Off at Raleigh Specific Chiropractic

Raleigh Specific Chiropractic

North Raleigh

Skilled chiropractors restore balance and dismiss pain with adjustments and spinal decompression

$340 $30

77% Off Weight Loss Program

SpineCare Chiropractic Center


Weight loss plan features counseling and one week of supplements to help clients ditch extra pounds while retaining muscle mass

$217 $49

67% Off Weight-Loss Hypnosis

Alan Konell Hypnotherapy

Chapel Hill

Certified hypnotherapist helps clients achieve weight loss through the power of suggestion

$150 $49

91% Off Chiropractic and Acupuncture Package

Team Chiropractic


Chiropractic packages include an exam, x-rays, two spinal adjustments, and two 15-minute acupuncture sessions, as well as a full report

$710 $64

50% Off Drugstore Products from FSAstore.com


Order drugstore products online including band-aids, first-aid kits, cold and allergy medicine, vitamins, oral care, and feminine items

$30 $15

Up to 94% Off Chiropractic Care

Wake Family Chiropractic

Wake Forest

Chiropractors examine spines, snap x-rays, and treat back problems with adjustments and therapies such as vibration traction

$330 $25

68% Off Colorpuncture Sessions

Yvonne Cropp at blissedOUT


Holistic, non-invasive therapy that focuses colored light on acupuncture points to energize natural healing impulses for mind and body

$155 $49

Up to 81% Off Chiropractic Packages

HealthSource of North Raleigh Chiropractic & Progressive Rehab

North Raleigh

An experienced chiropractor treats chronic aches and pains with a thorough consultation, exam, treatment, and other tests

$315 $69

Up to 57% Off Organic Detox

Raw Green Organics

All-natural vegan digestive support system to help clients cleanse their bodies of toxins

$120 $54.99

Up to 90% Off Chiropractic Exam and Adjustments

LaDue Family Chiropractic and Wellness Center


A chiropractor assess spines with a thermography scan and x-rays before removing subluxations with gentle-pressure adjustments

$390 $39

Up to 73% Off Chiropractic Care at New Carolina Chiropractic

New Carolina Chiropractic


A licensed chiropractor uses an exam and x-rays to determine the cause of pain, then works out kinks with adjustments

$85 $30

65% Off a Subconscious Block Removal with Consultation

Enlighten Up Wellness

Chapel Hill

From the merchant: Guided visualization and Reiki help remove blockages in the subconscious mind that sabotage happiness

$180 $63

55% Off Chiropractic Care

Alaimo Chiropractic


Local businesses like this one promote thriving, distinctive communities by offering a rich array of goods and services to locals like you

$125 $56

83% Off Chiropractic-Treatment Package

Governors Family Chiropractic

Governors Village

Chiropractors with 15 years of experience and ongoing education to stay up-to-date with new technology; family-run clinic

$200 $34

44% Off a Reiki Session with Aromatherapy

Peaceful Heart Reiki/Quintessential Wellness Center


From the merchant: Usui Reiki Master/Teacher, Karuna Reiki Practitioner, Amy Collins, offers Reiki sessions in a beautiful spa setting.

$70 $39

Up to 76% Off Chiropractic Care Package

Creedmoor Chiropractic

Northwest Raleigh

Skilled chiropractor pinpoints areas of pain and corrects them with drug-free, noninvasive adjustments

$165 $39

Up to 70% Off Hypnosis

Dave Elman Hypnosis Institute

Multiple Locations

Align the enormous resources of your unconscious mind with your conscious desires to create the life of your dreams

$240 $79

Up to 64% Off Hypnosis Sessions

Dynamic Change Wellness

Chapel Hill

Certified hypnotist promotes deep relaxation or weight loss during process designed to retrain the subconscious mind & curb unhealthy habits

$80 $32

Up to 81% Off Chiropractic and Massage Packages

Health Center of Hillsborough


Natural health practitioners promote relaxation and self-healing with massages, energy therapy, and chiropractics

$227 $44 Sale Ends 5/31

Up to 80% Off Upper-Cervical Exam, X-rays and Treatment

Upper Cervical of Wilmington


Upper-Cervical specialist evaluates the uppermost part of the spine to treat back and neck pain, headaches and other ailments

$125 $25

Up to 59% Off Detox Programs

Awen Bodywork Therapies


Detoxification programs improve health with nutritional tips and guidance and reiki sessions calibrate body energy

$240 $99

Juice from the Raw—Up to 54% Off Three-Day Juice Cleanses

Juice from the Raw

Three-day supply (18 bottles) of cold-pressed raw juices packed with essential nutrients and enzymes

$185 $89

Part of our expanded, competitively-priced selection