Up to 69% Off Tattoo Removal

White Pearl Medical Spa

Far North Central(10.4 miles)

Tri-Lase device uses combo of laser wavelengths to leave ink less noticeable; R20 laser makes four passes over tattoos to quickly remove ink

$500 $169

84% Off Spider-Vein Treatments

Vein Associates of Texas

Northwest Side(8.3 miles)

Injected solution diverts blood from visible veins to healthy ones, which fades and erases spider veins over time; no anesthesia needed

$600 $99

Up to 74% Off Vitamin B12 Fat-Burning Injections

Male Medical Group

Hill Country Village(10.3 miles)

Injections help boost metabolism and burn fat to help with weightloss

$110 $29

Up to 52% Off B12 Injections

Blue Diamond Med Spa

San Antonio(13.0 miles)

Vitamin B12 shots encourage a healthy boost to metabolisms, giving clients greater energy while also aiding in weight loss

$40 $19

79% Off Men's Hormone Testing

Mens Performance Health

Stone Oak(13.5 miles)

Clinic tests patients for the loss of male hormones that accompanies aging, including testosterone, plus CLEA-certified blood testing

$240 $50

Up to 53% Off Anti-Gravity Treadmill Session

Promotion Physical Therapy

Churchill Estates(11.4 miles)

From seniors to athletes, anti-gravity treadmill helps patients rehabilitate injuries

$15 $7

Up to 93% Off Compression-Boot Sessions

Palser Chiropractic and Massage Therapy

San Antonio(8.9 miles)

A pneumatic compression boot helps sore muscles recover faster after working out

$40 $18 Sale Ends 7/5

71% Off Fat-Burning Injections

Hey Gorgeous! Spa & Wellness

Great Northwest(11.3 miles)

Shots of B12 or B-Maxx can help boost clients’ mood and metabolism and burn fat, leading to slimmer physiques

$100 $29

41% Off Food Allergy Bloodspot Panel

Meridian Valley Lab

At-home food allergy test identifies 95 different food allergens using a few drops of blood

$210.95 $125

90% Off Weight-Loss Program

LipoLaser of San Antonio

Northwest Side(6.3 miles)

Consultation with body-composition analysis and vitamin B12 injections help kick-start weight-loss efforts

$250 $24 Sale Ends 7/5

Up to 88% Off Lipotropic B12 Injections

Dr. O Medical & Wellness Center

Stone Oak(13.1 miles)

After a body-composition analysis determines clients’ fat percentage, B12 injections may speed metabolisms to help them lose weight

$407 $49

Up to 75% Off Nail-Fungus Removal

White Pearl Medical Spa

Far North Central(10.4 miles)

Highly trained technician performs 15- to 30-minute procedure using a gentle laser beam on the nail and surrounding skin to remove fungus

$600 $199

Up to 69% Off B12 Injections at Bliss-Full Laser & Med Spa

Bliss-Full Laser & Med Spa

Bliss-Full Laser & Med Spa(12.0 miles)

Vitamin B12 boosts the healthy functioning of metabolisms and encourages a healthy nervous system

$75 $29

Up to 50% Off Orthotics

Optimum Foot Care Inc

Multiple Locations(7.2 miles)

Orhotics from Alzner, Sundance, and Winstep help correct strides and relieve back and joint pain

$200 $100

Up to 61% Off B-Complex Injections at Pro-Care Medical Center

Pro-Care Medical Center

Multiple Locations(9.4 miles)

B-complex injections can treat skin disorders, increase energy stores, vanquish stress, and facilitate weight loss

$150 $59

Up to 78% Off Hearing Aid Repair

New Sound Hearing

Oak Park / Northwood(5.3 miles)

Technicians improve clients’ hearing with hearing aid repair, cleaning, or new batteries

$335 $75

Up to 78% Off Weight-Loss Program

San Antonio's Slender Solution & Spa

Northwest Side(7.9 miles)

Medical pros consult create custom diet plans and administer metabolism-boosting B12 injections designed to break down fat

$160 $35 Sale Ends 7/5

Up to 67% Off Life Coaching

T. L Williams Personal Development Services

Judson(11.7 miles)

T.L. Williams uses an initial 80-minute session and two or four 50-minute follow-up sessions to help her clients make positive changes

$180 $59

Up to 75% Off Laser Toenail-Fungus Treatment

South Texas Foot Institute

Multiple Locations(5.7 miles)

During a 30-minute session, an FDA approved GenesisPlus laser treats toe fungus without the use of drugs so healthy, clear nails can grow

$500 $175

50% Off Laser Hair-Enhancement Treatments

Trinity Lace Wigs

Uptown Loop(6.7 miles)

Low-level laser therapy thickens hair already on the scalp for locks that both look and feel lush and full

$300 $149

61% Off Orthotics at Sole Support Medical

Sole Support Medical

Northwest Side(7.3 miles)

Specialists evaluate each client's foot alignment and gait before lab technicians create custom orthotics to correct issues.

$450 $175

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