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Up to 71% Off Vitamin B12 Injections

AfterOurs Urgent Care

Foster City(17.7 miles)

Vitamin shots boost metabolism and help accelerate weight loss at walk-in clinic clinic staffed by board-certified physicians

$150 $49.99

Up to 50% Off Laser Pain-Management Treatments

Bay Area Laser Pain Management Clinic

Multiple Locations(8.8 miles)

Relieve pain with laser treatments that target a foot, an ankle, a knee, the lower back, a shoulder, or a wrist

$200 $99

Up to 55% Off Massage at Blue Sea Wellness

Blue Sea Wellness

San Ramon(26.3 miles)

Chi Gong Tuina, cupping, and herbal therapy helps treat arthritis, backache, numbness, and neck pain; aromatherapy stimulates relaxation

$65 $29

Up to 54% Off Holistic Stress Release Alignment

Alphabiotics Center Bay Area

Multiple Locations(27.0 miles)

Alphabiotic alignment involves a quick movement of the head, resulting in a release of previously misdirected energy to balance the body

$40 $19

Up to 67% Off Nonsurgical Face-Lift

La Vitalitee

Multiple Locations(1.5 miles)

The iEllios device stimulates natural healing below the surface to tighten and brighten skin; LED therapy enhances its effects

$450 $149

Up to 58% Off Therapy from Julie Druyor, MFT

Julie Druyor, MFT

Multiple Locations(41.0 miles)

Therapist Julie Druyor is well-equipped to handle a wide range of issues including depression and anxiety as well as family counseling

$110 $50

94% Off Chiropractic Care

Natural Spinal Care

Dublin(26.8 miles)

After an exam and x-rays look carefully at the spine, a one-hour massage eases away pain while adjustment put the spine back in order

$438 $27

77% Off Allergy Treatment

Allergy Relief Centers

Pleasanton(27.3 miles)

Drug- and shot-free treatment aims to reduce allergy symptoms including digestive, respiratory, and skin issues

$205 $47

41% Off Food Allergy Bloodspot Panel

Meridian Valley Lab

At-home food allergy test identifies 95 different food allergens using a few drops of blood

$210.95 $125

Up to 64% Off Allergy Testing

AllergiCare Relief Centers

Dublin(26.7 miles)

Allergy and food-sensitivity tests help clients determine how best to avoid exposure to unknown triggers for more comfortable lives

$95 $39

Up to 83% Off at Shapero Chiropractic

Shapero Chiropractic

Downtown(1.5 miles)

Chiropractic treatments rely on spinal adjustments and decompression to restore health, posture, and wellness to bodies; massages ease aches

$150 $42

46% Off Medicine

Maxrelief Usa, Inc.

San Francisco(1.8 miles)

Relief from joint, muscle pain, and arthritis; natural pain-relief spray made from arnica, emu oil, and eucalyptus

$28 $15

Up to 62% Off Laser Nail-Fungus Removal

Advanced Foot Clinic

Adams Point(9.2 miles)

Lasers destroy fungal infections, allowing clean nails to grow in naturally.

$200 $76 Sale Ends 6/29

Up to 83% Off Tattoo Removal at LaserAway


Downtown Walnut Creek(21.4 miles)

Licensed medical staff help rid body parts of unwanted tattoos with laser, while Zimmer Cryo 5 blows cool air to soothe skin

$525 $119

Up to 61% Off Hellerwork Session

Roy Strassman

Point Richmond(10.8 miles)

Holistic deep-tissue treatment helps relieves pain from injuries and boost energy, flexibility, and concentration

$115 $45

Up to 68% Off Rosen Method Bodywork

Rosen Method: the Berkeley Center

Southwest Berkeley(9.1 miles)

The Rosen Method can reduce stress, chronic tension, headaches, back pain, muscle tension, joint pain, injuries, and insomnia

$300 $99

45% Off Therapy - Physical / Physiotherapy

Awareness Through Movement Oakland

Oakland(9.6 miles)

Local businesses like this one promote thriving, distinctive communities by offering a rich array of goods and services to locals like you

$100 $55

75% Off Hearing Aid Cleaning and Batteries

Marin Hearing Center

Corte Madera(11.5 miles)

Skilled audiologists clean and tune up hearing aids, ensuring optimal performance; batteries keep devices functioning long after service

$100 $25

Up to 54% Off Skin Tag Removal

Bellezza Day Spa

San Bruno(11.3 miles)

Skin tag treatments remove excess tissue quickly and permanently

$50 $29

Up to 54% Off Holistic Stress Release Alignment

Alphabiotics Center Bay Area

Multiple Locations(27.0 miles)

Alphabiotic alignment involves a quick movement of the head, resulting in a release of previously misdirected energy to balance the body

$40 $19

80% Off Nutrition Response Testing

IHS Functional Medicine Center

Multiple Locations(40.1 miles)

NRT is a noninvasive way of analyzing the body in order to locate underlying causes of disease, and find ways to obtain more optimum health

$200 $39

Up to 65% Off Lipolight Sessions

Club Reduce of San Ramon

San Ramon(24.2 miles)

Allow Lipolight to naturally slim you down and shape you up with heat and light emitted at a specific wavelength

$218 $79

73% Off Laser Toenail-Fungus Removal

Novato Foot Health Center

Novato(24.5 miles)

Lasers target discoloration and brittleness caused by toenail fungus, which, when left untreated, can lead to infection

$900 $245

93% Off Laser Tattoo Removal

Shahin Javaheri, MD Advanced Aesthetic, Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery

Pacific Heights(1.3 miles)

Tattoos gradually fade under the light of a Quanta Q plus C laser

$1,950 $142 Sale Ends 6/29

Up to 78% Off Nutritional Consultation

Nourish Balance Thrive

Scotts Valley

Nutritional specialist consults with clients to develop holistic paleo diet plan and lab-based supplements

$205 $59

75% Off Lipotropic B6 and B12 Injections

ForeViva Medical Clinique

Downtown Menlo Park(25.8 miles)

Lipotropic B6 and B12 injections are designed to increase your metabolism and energy levels

$310 $79

Up to 57% Off IPL Photo-Rejuvenation

Salon Elizabeth

North Los Altos(32.2 miles)

Noninvasive light beams can gently erase fine lines and other signs of aging during one or two treatments

$280 $139

Up to 69%Off Hypnotherapy at Paradise Holistic Health Center

Paradise Holistic Health Center

Deer Ridge Country Club(38.6 miles)

After a consultation, a hypnotherapist works to address client-specific issues such as pain management, weight loss, and insomnia

$105 $49

Up to 74% Off NeurOptimal brain training sessions

Dr. Camp Health

Mill Valley(10.4 miles)

From the merchant: Allow NeurOptimal’s powerful neurofeedback technology to train your brain to reach your peak in performance!

$99 $35

50% Off B12 Injections and Weight-Loss Plan

Butchart Health Center

Multiple Locations(25.8 miles)

Weekly vitamin B12 shots can help increase the metabolism when partnered with a healthful lifestyle and nutritious diet

$138 $69

78% Off a Craniosacral-Therapy Session


Novato(21.6 miles)

From the merchant: Intuitive evaluation of all issues, physical/ emotional, while you relax, transform and feel renewed..

$150 $33

45% Off Counseling

Pointacross Info Network, Llc

Ingold - Milldale(13.0 miles)

From the merchant: Learn how identify behaviors that may be in need of further professional attention.

$49 $27

72% Off Laser Toenail-Fungus Treatment

Foot Doctor of the East Bay

Multiple Locations(27.3 miles)

Noninvasive laser zaps fungus more effectively than topical ointments and without the side effects of oral medications.

$900 $249

Up to 69% Off Laser Toenail-Fungus Removal

Remington Podiatry

Remington Podiatry(35.9 miles)

Podiatric specialists clear fungal infections from the toenails and nail beds with laser beams

$300 $99

Up to 46% Off Laser Toenail-Fungus Removal

Magdalena Blasko D.P.M.

San Francisco(1.3 miles)

Lasers target fungal nail infections without damaging nails or the surrounding skin during a pain-free treatment

$550 $299

Up to 70% Off Laser Toenail Fungus Treatment

Nueva Nail

Downtown Lafayette (18.2 miles)

Patented wavelengths from laser pods target fungus under the nail, not the healthy tissue around it

$500 $149

Up to 67% Off Laser Nail-Fungus Removal

Laser Nail Therapy Clinic

Multiple Locations(44.2 miles)

FDA-cleared PinPointe lasers clear up irksome nail fungus in as little as one treatment

$750 $273

Up to 70% Off B12 Shots at Natural Wellness Clinic 

Natural Wellness Clinic

Heritage District(34.8 miles)

Naturopathic doctors administer vitamin B12 shots, which boost metabolism and promote a healthy nervous system

$230 $69

Up to 52% Off Laser Toenail Fungus Treatments

ACE Foot and Ankle Medical Clinic

Multiple Locations(8.8 miles)

Multilingual podiatrists use noninvasive Q-Clear laser technology to destroy fungus in infected toenails without downtime

$400 $199

Up to 84% Off Laser-Light Pain Therapy


Pleasanton(30.7 miles)

Advanced laser treatment targets pain dwelling deep in subcutaneous tissue

$400 $69

Up to 75% Off Laser Nail-Fungus Treatment

The Foot and Ankle Institute of San Francisco

Multiple Locations(14.8 miles)

Medical staff treat fungal infections at the source with Cutera GenesisPlus laser system during 30-minute appointments

$675 $218 Sale Ends 7/2

55% Off Counseling Sessions

Core Self Work

Berkeley(10.1 miles)

From the merchant: Psychological Healing, Self-Actualization, and Self-Discovery

$150 $68

Up to 61% Off Laser Toenail-Fungus Removal

West Coast Foot Laser

Multiple Locations(1.2 miles)

Laser light disrupts fungal infections, allowing healthy nails to gradually grow in clear

$150 $99

Up to 78% Off Tam Foot & Ankle

Howard S. Ortman, DPM at Mt. Tam Foot & Ankle

San Rafael(14.9 miles)

The supervised staff uses laser system to eliminate pathogens bunkered beneath toenails without damaging nail beds

$900 $199

Up to 58% Off Tattoo Removal

ReVitalize Care Clinic

Multiple Locations(34.1 miles)

Staff members rely on medical guidance and cutting-edge technology to perform treatments designed to leave clients’ skin blemish free

$300 $129

Up to 70% Laser Nail-Fungus Removal

Laser Nail Therapy Clinic

Newport Center

Podiatrists brandish FDA-cleared PinPointe lasers to clear up irksome nail fungus in as little as one treatment

$750 $249

Looking Glass Plastic Surgery – Up to 46% Off Tattoo Removal

Looking Glass Plastic Surgery

Downtown(1.0 miles)

Laser systems target tattoos of virtually any color, breaking down ink with pulses of light

$550 $299

50% Off Counseling Sessions

Victoria Breinyn, M.s., Pps-sc, Mfti

Dublin(27.0 miles)

From the merchant: Explore if my therapy style is the right fit for you in these two sessions; give me a call for a free consultation

$160 $80

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