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$72 $42.50

89% Off an Accredited Online Animal-Psychology Course

Holly and Hugo

C$175 C$19

Indoor/Outdoor 8-Panel Pet Playpen

C$139.99 C$69.99

LED Santa Pet Collar

C$25.50 C$8.99

96% Off a Dog Behavior and Psychology Course


$485 $19

Indoor/Outdoor Sherpa-Top Ortho Pet Beds

C$64.86 C$26.99

Reversible Furniture Protector for Sofa, Love Seat, or Chair

C$64.99 C$24.99

20" Gray-Sisal Cat-Scratching Post

C$56.63 C$54.99

Body Glove Pet Cooling Mat

C$96.30 C$69.99

Animal Heaven Waterproof Luxury Pet Seat Protector

C$72.79 C$29.99

18" Sisal Cat-Scratching Post

C$57.03 C$54.99

Bully Bites Beef Pet Treats; 1lb. Bag

C$66.35 C$24.99

Go Pet Club Memory-Foam Beds

C$115 C$69.99

1-Pound Naturally Harvested Antler Variety Pack for Dogs

C$49.95 C$29.99

Raised Double-Bowl Pet Feeder with Stainless Steel Bowls

C$69.95 C$19.97

Animal Heaven Auto Pet Barrier

C$29.99 C$19.99

Naturally Harvested Elk Antler Tips (5-Pack)

C$49 C$29.99

Animal Heaven Insta Potty Trainer

C$29.99 C$24.99

Animal Heaven No-Tangle Dual Dog Leash

C$34.90 C$23.99

18-Pack of 4" Bully Sticks Dog Treats

C$49 C$34.99

Zap Ball Flash 'n Sound Dog Toy

C$13.99 C$12.99

Organic Sweet Potato Dog Treats

C$56.68 C$24.99

Buffalo Inner Horn Cores

C$49.95 C$29.99

Flat Sisal Scratching Mat for Cats

C$51.21 C$29.99

Curly Bully Sticks (5-Pack)

C$44.95 C$29.99

EcoKind North American Raw Hide Chips

C$45 C$29.99

3-in-1 Orthopedic Double-Sided Pet Blanket

C$29.99 C$17.99

Full-Grain Leather Spike Collar for Dogs

C$61.59 C$29.97

Large USA Elk Antler Burr Bag

C$49 C$29.99

3-in-1 Animal Heaven Dog Toy, Toothbrush, and Massager

C$29.99 C$16.99

Alcott Mariner Inflatable Doggie Pool

C$69.82 C$39.99

American Kennel Club Dog Coats

C$28.55 C$19.99

Animal Heaven 3-in-1 Pet Grooming and Massaging Shed Away Brush

C$39.99 C$18.99

Juicy Crittoure Dog Care Kit

C$80.65 C$19.97

Animal Heaven Animal Ionizing Brush

C$39.99 C$19.99

Animal Heaven Detangle Pet Brush

C$29.99 C$16.99

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