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8-Pack of Toothbrush Heads

Replacement toothbrush heads fits several Sonicare models, including FlexCare and Diamond Clean, to remove plaque and massage gums

C$79.97 C$18.99

Pursonic Deluxe Sonic Toothbrush with 12 Heads and UV Sanitizing

30,000 brush strokes per minute with 12 replacement brush heads; sanitize up to four brush heads at once in an attached UV chamber

C$129.95 C$59.99

Up to 84% Off Home Teeth-Whitening Kit

Canadian Smile Clinics

At-home teeth-whitening kit brightens smiles with specially formulated gel

C$149 C$29

Great Smile Store Pro Care Plus Platinum Sonic Toothbrush

High-speed sonic strokes get teeth cleaner and are more gentle on gums than traditional toothbrushes; includes a UV sanitizer

C$249.99 C$59.99

86% Off Teeth-Whitening Kit from Smile Kits

Smile Kits

Whitening kit uses LED light, mouth trays, and shade chart to brighten teeth

$169 $24

Waist-Cinching Corset Band Shapewear

Posture-correcting, slimming corset band shapewear is breathable and comfortable to wear while sitting, standing, or at work

C$34.90 C$19.99

Trym II Rechargeable Hair, Mustache, and Beard Trimmer

Sleek, rechargeable hair trimmer for shaping beards, mustaches, and body hair

C$59.99 C$29.99

Fat Freezer Body-Sculpting System

Weight-loss belt strives to freeze fat cells within the tissue so the body can easily flush them away

C$199.99 C$119.99

Women's Thermo Slim Waist Cincher

Three-layer cincher with supportive side boning helps increase calorie burn, flatten stomachs, and improve posture

C$49.99 C$24.99

Regal Posture Pro Medical Grade Magnetic Corrective Therapy Back...

Back brace works to fix your posture and improve lower lumbar support using 12 strategically placed 400 Gauss magnets and two metal rods

C$49.99 C$21.55

Pair of Foot Dr Full-Support Shock-Absorbing Foot Sleeves

These protective sleeves slip onto feet like extra-cushioned socks, wicking away moisture and helping to support the heel and arch

C$59.99 C$18.99

BeautyKo High-Waist Shapewear Leggings with Slimming Compression

High-waisted shapewear leggings are designed to slim and tone waists and legs; can be worn as pants or under skirts and dresses

C$29.99 C$18.99

2-Pack of Men's Compression and Body-Support Undershirts

Slimming and posture-supporting undershirts fit seamlessly under clothes to keep backs straight and create a flattering silhouette

C$90 C$24.99

Transform Women's Double-Padded Neoprene Back Support

Made of breathable double-lined fabric, this comfortable back support fits under clothing and helps relieve muscle aches and correct posture

C$49.99 C$24.99

Cellulift 3 in 1 Magnetic Slimming Panties

Lift the derriere, control the tummy, and support the lower back with these ventilated, sweat-resistant panties

C$39.99 C$24.99

Magnetic Shiatsu Acupressure Insoles

Soft, textured insoles embedded with magnets stimulate acupuncture points to help alleviate muscular pain and promote circulation

C$39.99 C$18.99

Cellulift Infrared Slimming Shorts

Strong, tight shorts are infused with tourmaline beads that have natural properties that may help burn calories and reduce cellulite

C$39.99 C$29.99

Electric Personal Pedi Foot Callus Remover, Rechargeable, No...

Slough away dead, hardened skin on the feet with this callus remover, which buffs soles to a polished shine for a fresh, clean feeling

C$49.99 C$39.99

Maternity Support Belt

Providing relief to hardworking legs and backs, this maternity belt gently supports pregnant bellies and goes unnoticed under clothing

C$39.95 C$19.99

Personal Pedi Foot Callus Remover

Cordless handheld device readies feet for sandal season by quickly buffing away dry, cracked skin via roller heads spinning at 2,500 RPM

C$39.99 C$24.99

Full Body Cellulite Eliminating Massager

Handheld device may help reduce the appearance of cellulite and stretch marks when used for just 10 minutes per day

C$89.95 C$49.99

Personal Pedi Battery Operated Callus Remover

Handheld tool with exfoliating and polishing heads reaches speeds of up to 2,500RPM to help loosen calluses and buff them smooth

C$39.99 C$24.99

BeautyKo Bamboo Support Cincher

Supportive garment worn under clothing helps flatten stomachs and create a slim profile

C$59.99 C$21.99

Naturally Harvested Elk Antler Tips (5-Pack)

Natural elk antlers are a safe and tasty chew toy for doggies that also helps keep their teeth clean and healthy

C$49 C$29.99

18-Pack of 4" Bully Sticks Dog Treats

Chewy sticks made from all-natural, grass-fed beef give pups a tasty reward while promoting gum and teeth health

C$49 C$34.99

3-in-1 Animal Heaven Dog Toy, Toothbrush, and Massager

Made from durable rubber, this studded bone toy helps strengthen pups’ teeth and removes plaque as they chew on it

C$29.99 C$16.99

EcoKind North American Raw Hide Chips

Pups that are aggressive chewers will be able to handle this all-natural rawhide treat, which helps keep their gums healthy and teeth clean

C$45 C$29.99

Curly Bully Sticks (5-Pack)

Made with 100% natural, grass-fed cattle, curly bully sticks cause friction when chewed to help keep dogs’ teeth and gums healthy

C$44.95 C$29.99

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