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MDS Foundation

BY: Sammi G | Dec 11, 2018

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What is MDS? Even those who are diagnosed with it it don’t fully understand – and when my Dad was diagnosed in October 2013, I didn’t know how to react either. It wasn’t until he called it “pre-Leukemia” that I realized it was serious. The unfortunate truth is, MDS is a type of blood cancer and is not to be taken lightly. My Dad was young, healthy, athletic, and his donor was a 10 out of 10 match (based on a variety of factors dealing with characteristics of the blood). If anyone had a chance of being cured, it would have been him, doctors said. But because there are so many varieties of MDS and such a wide range of outcomes among individual cases, predicting an outcome is not easy. One of the biggest difficulties for me as a loved one of an MDS patient was telling people about my Dad’s condition only to receive a blank stare. The common misconception about MDS is that people think that because they haven’t heard of it, it is not as serious. There are so many other more “popular” cancers that warrant their attention throughout the year, that when a new one comes along, people don’t know how to respond. I am thrilled, for this reason, that the MDS Foundation is Groupon’s featured charity. Donate to the MDS Foundation - not because you know someone with MDS, but because the diagnosis of a rare life-threatening illness could happen to anyone.
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