Bargain Babe

BY: Sammi G |Dec 11, 2018

  Bargain Babe Here at Groupon, we love helping our customers save money and find fantastic products. We just came across a great site for savvy shoppers: Bargain Babe. So what can you find at Freebies For anyone looking to save money, the word “free” is music to the ears. In the “Freebies” section, you can find information on where to get free products on a daily basis. Recent products have included music downloads, wall calendars, holiday cards, giftwrapping, restaurant gift cards, personalized photo gifts, and crème brulee (yum!). What freebies will you find today? Coupons With a name like “Groupon Coupons,” could you guess that we love coupons? BargainBabe loves them too. In the “Coupons” section, discover coupons for that perfect holiday gift, from espresso machines to children’s DVDs. Food Now that you have saved on kitchenware and ingredients, what are you going to cook? BargainBabe has fabulous recipes in the “Food” section, such as healthy holiday snacks like banana snowmen and Santa strawberries. You can also discover ways to save on your weekly groceries, find coupons for your favorite restaurants, and more! Money In the “Money” and “Save Money On” sections, learn about saving strategies, read the latest news on finance and savings, and read up on ways to earn money from home. These sections are also wonderful if you have kids in house. BargainBabe suggests some great (and inexpensive) gifts for children and provide articles on deciding if your child is ready for a credit card. Seasonal Deals The “Seasonal Deals” section is updated throughout the year to help you find the best deals on anything from stocking stuffers to Halloween decorations. With Christmas and Chanukah around the corner, it is the perfect time to check out “Seasonal Deals” and find the ultimate holiday gift. As the holidays approach, don’t wait to visit to find amazing savings!