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SKYJE: Social Design Blog

BY: Automation | Dec 11, 2018


Social media is a no-fail, amazing little thing that works for you while you do more important things like compete in office beer pong tournaments, or spreadsheets. SKYJE is the one stop shop for all things social design! From learning how to use Wordpress, Photoshop tutorials, getting inspired, SEO tips and how to pimp your business with social design, SKYJE has got your social design needs covered.


From deciding on a custom or premium theme for your Wordpress page, to learning why it’s important to use professional Wordpress hosting, and figuring out how to speed up your Wordpress hosting--this section has your every Wordpress need covered.


Design software can be so confusing. The Photography section of SKYJE provides simple, step by step outlines and guides on how to get the best out of your photography and design software!


This section focuses on all things social media. Rock your facebook like a pro, strengthen your social media campaigns using psychology, gain tips on social media marketing strategies, and so much more.


Here you can grab tips on making your apps work for you, learn the importance of keywords, and read about the benefits of local SEO vs. Global SEO. All of this and more is right at your fingertips with SKYJE’s SEO section, like having your own search engine guru.


SKYJE offers a plethora of tutorial videos to help you maximize your time, and quickly figure out how to use your software to your advantage. Choose from tutorials on Photoshop, Illustrator, Javascipt, and more!


Need to be design inspired? Look no further than SKYJE’s Inspiration section. Packaging, websites, business cards, flyers, office designs, street art, and posters are just some of the topics covered in this section that will get your design gears turning.