Earn and Save with Cash Cow Couple

BY: Automation |Dec 11, 2018

Cash Cow Couple

Meet Jacob and Vanessa. A young, recently married couple in their 20s with a passion for financial planning and increasing their net worth! They aren’t what anyone would consider wealthy, but they have made some very smart decisions so far. By their first anniversary, they were completely debt free and had increased their net worth by more than $50,000! Jacob and Vanessa decided to put their financial talents to good use and created a blog, Cash Cow Couple. They post financial tips centered around teaching their audience how to achieve financial freedom.  Although it may seem impossible, the couple shares a 1996 Saturn car between the two of them. After some live and learn experiences (and a 1984 gold Porsche 944), Jacob and Vanessa rock their Green Machine and know 19 reasons to drive an old car.

The best part about this blog is truly how knowledgeable Jacob and Vanessa are. There’s quite a lot in their wheelhouse: IRA Comparisons, reviews of investing services like Wealthfront and Betterment, advice on how to make money blogging, and even how Pokemon applies to life! In addition to the nuts and bolts of saving and investing, there’s the philosophical side of being thrifty, how to's, and the occasional coupon or giveaway here and there.

Jacob and Vanessa are so personable and just an adorable couple, it’s hard to pass up their stories and advice. Check out CashCowCouple.com and figure out how to live fiscally happy ever after.