Make the Most of Your Big Game Watch Party

BY: Scott |Dec 11, 2018

Hut, hut, hike! Haha, don't mind me. I'm just getting ready to watch 2018's Big Game. This year, the fightin' boys from New England take on the fightin' boys from Philadelphia in a sporting event so spectacular we dare not utter its name. While the quality of the sporting and advertising makes it can't-miss programming, there are still ways to optimize the experience. And Groupon Coupons is uniquely suited to help! We dove deep into our expertly-curated well of coupons to drum up just the right deals and special offers for your viewing pleasure. But it depends on the type of football watcher you are. Read on, and discover the perfect complement for your Big Gaming nature.

You're a clean freak. Does the thought of nine different types of beans being casually enjoyed over carpet and upholstery give you nightmares? Use our amazing Container Store coupons to keep everything organized and bring your soul an everlasting calm as bean-fueled chaos rages around you.
Screen Shot 2018-01-24 at 1.55.50 PM

You're a super fan. You stand up. You sit down. You pace, throw your arms up, yell, cover your face with your hands, and kneel. You are a super fan, and the things you do on February 4th cannot easily be explained. At least wear a jersey or a hat so everyone knows you're a super fan and not having a cardiac event. Take advantage of Groupon Coupons' stellar collection of promos and deals for Fanatics, like this 5% off code.

You're there for the commercials. They sure do spend a lot of money advertising to us during the game. It's quite a privilege. Like, "Wow, this is all for me?" And it is, it really is. So we suggest surrounding yourself with candy for the full cinematic experience. This 20% off code from My M&M's will help. They even have custom team blends!
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You're hyper-focused on the game. Best Buy has some amazing deals on HD TVs that will bring the action directly into your corneas.
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You're, first and foremost, an animal lover. Footwhat? Superwhom? Check out this Cost Plus World Market free shipping coupon and pick up a beautiful chair that you can place in another room to watch Puppy Bowl XIV.
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You're a person with literally nothing better to do. Maybe you're watching the game because you feel obligated to be vaguely aware of a major cultural event. Just hover near the food and browse the literally thousands of incredible deals on Groupon Coupons to pass the time. It'll all be over soon.