3 Ways To Host a Spooktacular Halloween Party

BY: cat |Dec 11, 2018

Today's guest post is by Jemma C. Halloween falls on a weekend this year, which makes it a perfect time to host a party. Whether you’re looking to plan something kid-friendly, scary, or trendy, we’ve got some ideas to get you started.

Kid-Friendly Party

  • Captain America Candy Server from Target: Why serve candy in a plain old bowl when you can have Captain America do the heavy lifting?
  • Happy Ghost Piñata from Target: Piñatas are a huge hit at children's birthday parties, so why not include them in your kid-friendly Halloween bash? Load it up with your favorite candies and let the kids take turns at swinging for treats.
  • Ghostly Halloween Standard Kit from Walmart: For serving food and goodies at your party, this ghostly set is a must-have.
  • Deluxe Halloween Favor Kit from Walmart: Send kids home with a spooky kit featuring bats, Frankenstein, and some other monsters.

Thrills & Chills Party

  • Door Cover from Kmart: If you want to give guests a bit of a scare when they arrive, this door cover is sure to do the trick.
  • Ground Fogger from Target: Take your party to the next level with this ground fogger. It’s great for setting an eerie scene, where guests literally won’t see what’s coming next.
  • Skull Hand Servers from Kohl's: Serve up some spooky foods and salads this Halloween with these shiny skull hand servers.
  • Halloween Hand Serving Bowl from Kohl's: This serving bowl is not only great for holding chips, but also for keeping on the doorstep for trick-or-treaters.

Trendy Cocktail Party

  • Boo Marquis Sign from Target: More hip than spooky, this Halloween Boo Marquee sign lights up parties and can act as a signal trick-or-treaters.
  • Halloween Hanging Paper Decor Set from Pier 1: Spice up your decorations and make them a wee bit wicked with this hanging paper decor set. Guests will definitely take notice.
  • Drink Up Witches Plastic Cup Set from Pier 1: If you're planning on serving cocktails, these witchy cups are the perfect addition. Both stylish and easy to clean up, what’s not to love?
  • Drink Up Witches Paper Napkin Set from Pier 1: And of course, we’ve got matching napkins to complete the look.