5 Big Sales You Should Know About

BY: Lauren Leffel |Jan 30, 2020

The hardest part about catching the best deals is knowing when to look—so mark your calendars! Here are five big sales that you definitely need to know about, and some tips and tricks on how to navigate them.

Ulta 21 Days of Beauty Sale

  • When: Mid-March & August
  • What's On Sale: Makeup and skincare! Every day for 21 days there will be 2–4 products on sale for up to 50% off, plus there are many products and brands discounted up to 40% for the entirety of the sale.
  • Tips & Tricks: Look at the calendar ahead of time, every day's big sales will be listed about a week ahead of time. Once you know what the sales are, you can strategize which days to shop and how much you'll save.
  • Restrictions: None! 

Amazon Prime Day

  • When: Mid-July
  • What's On Sale: Hundreds of products from every category imaginable. From electronics to luggage, this is definitely the Christmas in July sale for big-ticket items.
  • Tips & Tricks: This sale can be rather overwhelming if you don’t know what you want. It is HIGHLY recommended to make a wishlist beforehand.
  • Restrictions: You must be a Prime member to claim any discounts.

$1 Flip Flops At Old Navy

  • When: Late May and Late June
  • What's On Sale: Ten pairs for flip flops for one flippin’ dollar.
  • Tips & Tricks: Bring a big bag and eight friends! (because you need two pairs, duh)
  • Restrictions: The first sale in May is valid only for Banana Republic Cardholders. The second one in June is free to anyone with $1+!

Steam Summer Sale

  • When: Mid to Late June
  • What's On Sale: All things gamer. From gaming keyboards and monitors to full-blown consoles and games.
  • Tips & Tricks: The exact dates are normally leaked ahead of time, and there are other similar Steam sales year round, so be sure to check the internet machine ahead of time!
  • Restrictions: None!

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

  • When: Late July to Early August
  • What's On Sale: Thousands of fall and summer fashions are at their lowest prices of the year. From shoes and accessories to ball gowns. If you have weakness for designer clothes but a bank account that looks like mine, you should definitely mark your calendar for this one.
  • Tips & Tricks: Go for big ticket, like coats and designer handbags, or bulk up on all your favorites. This sale really does only come once a year, so make sure to take full advantage!
  • Restrictions: Card members get early access to the sale, but everyone is welcome for the event itself.