5 Cases to Prettify Your Phone

BY: Rachel Matuch |Dec 11, 2018

Today's guest post is by Brittany M.

Phones are almost like an extension of ourselves—so they should be dressed for success. Why not show off an artsy side, boast about family or loved ones, or rock a favorite literary inspiration? We rounded up some favorite cases to get you started.

Fine Art Paint Color Box & Funny Artist Brush Phone Case

What better way to show off your creative side than with a case that boasts the tools of the trade? Grab this 15% off Zazzle.com promo code to save on the case.

Zazzle.com paintbrush case


Shutterfly Custom Phone Cases

Phone cases with your favorite family photo or a sweet memory with friends can be quite cool. Check out Shutterfly for photo booth style cases Shutterfly Phone Cases for simple, easy ways to make something super sweet and personal to protect your android or iPhone, like this family photo booth style case.


Shutterfly photo cases

Live by the Sun, Love by the Moon Case

Express yourself with a quirky little quote that reflects your personality, like this one from Pop Rock Design on Etsy.

Live by the Sun case from Etsy

I'm Awesome Case

A witty case helps you brush off the daily grind—and this case from Francesca's help you brush off busybodies, too.

I'm Awesome case

Hello, Sunshine Case

Paper Source has a ton of sweet designs, including this sunny yellow number. Sign up for their emails to get a 10% off Paper Source promo code before you buy.

Hello Sunshine case from Paper Source