AKC Humane Fund: Help Break the Cycle of Domestic Violence

BY: Sammi G |Dec 11, 2018

Help Break the Cycle of Domestic Violence with AKC Humane Fund


The American Kennel Club (AKC) Humane Fund is proud to be at the forefront of addressing the needs of domestic abuse victims by supporting shelters that welcome pets on site through our Women’s Shelter Grant program. Studies have shown that nearly half (48%) of women delay leaving an abusive situation out of concern for their pet, and 70% of victims report their abuser threatened, injured or killed their pet. Here at the AKC Humane Fund, we are committed to advancing the well-being of all dogs, and it is heartbreaking when domestic abuse threatens the happiness and health of humans and their pets. Women experiencing domestic violence endure extremely difficult situations, and having to choose between seeking safety and protecting their pet shouldn’t be one of them. That’s why our grant program is so important – it saves lives. Once safe, pets bring peace, hope and joy to domestic abuse survivors during their recovery process. With the assistance of the AKC Humane Fund, women’s shelters across the country have been able to provide beds, food, veterinary care, medications and so much more for beloved pets. In addition to our work with women’s shelters, AKC Humane Fund provides grants to support the AKC Rescue Network, the largest network of dog rescue groups in the nation with more than 500 purebred rescue groups located around the country, as well as disaster relief efforts through The Sandy Fund, which serves those whose pet services have been directly affected by natural disasters. To learn more about AKC Humane Fund and donate to any of these worthy causes, visit www.akchumanefund.org. We welcome your support.