All My Faves

BY: Automation |Dec 11, 2018

allmyfaves We like to have everything in one place to make our lives a little simpler. All My Faves is the perfect homepage offering the best sites in each category. New to the site? No problem- we gathered some of our favorite links here that will help make everyday organized, and easier than you ever thought it could be. Recipes Don’t search endlessly on Google for tonight’s dinner menu.Visit Recipes for a carefully curated list of the best recipe and food websites to give you all the inspiration you need to be your own gourmet chef. News Never be overwhelmed by which News platform to go to again. Finding the news you need now has never been easier with the News section; providing a list of the top News channels to get the most accurate information, fast. Weather We all know the weather man can be a little off sometimes, but with over 10 reliable sites posted in Weather, anytime can be forecast time. Never go outside without your umbrella or sunglasses again. Shopping We don’t have to tell you how much we love shopping. The Shopping section organizes all your shopping wants and categorizes each site into groups like Apparel, Top Sellers and Department. They even have a Hot Deals section that highlights the best deals on all the top shopping sites. This might just be our favorite section because who doesn't love to save? Photos Need a stock photo and clip art just isn’t cutting it? In the Photo section you will find links to the best photo sites, picture editing sites, and photo apps that will make you think twice about that Instagram filter. Movies Siri isn’t the only one who has all the info on movies, the Movies section highlights the best websites to watch movies online and find out information on all your favorite stars. It also highlights smaller online stations like Zapple TV,  a Health and Wellness channel with completely original content.