Amazon Deal-Watch: Amazon Echo Devices From $44.99

BY: Joseph R |Dec 11, 2018

echo4499 Do you hear that? That faint clinking noise, dancing upon the edges of your ear-holes? It's not music. It's not an echo. It's not some giant humanoid moth-person whispering about chapstick. It's the sound of all the money you can save this week when you buy an Amazon Echo device starting at just $44.99! Now through September 4th, you can get the Echo Dot, the classic Amazon Echo, and a 2-pack of the new Echo Show for up to 44% off! This means you can outfit your entire home with Alexa, voice-shop online, and play music and videos with just a word! It's like living in the future, but NOW! Make sure to check out our other Amazon Coupons, and keep your eyes here for all the best in Amazon savings!