The Amazon Echo Show: Limited Time Early Access Prime Day Sale

BY: Christopher Mahar |Dec 11, 2018

Right now, the Echo Show is a better deal than ever. Until Prime Day (July 16), get it for $129.99–that's $100 off its regular price! The Amazon Echo Show   But I know there's one question everyone is dying to ask, which is the top question on the Show's page, with 800+ votes: Amazon Show question, answered on The Coupon Code An excellent question. To answer it, let's look at the individual components an Echo Show and see how useful they'd be for ghost hunting.

The Brains of the Operation: Alexa

While Alexa knows how to do a number of things already, other capabilities need to be learned by enabling skills. With the Allrecipes skill, for instance, you can make dinner a breeze by summoning any of their 60,000 recipes, along with audio and visual instructions displayed on the Show's screen. But can Alexa help you monitor ghost/spirits in a haunted house? Yes! The key here is Alexa's ability to enable new skills. There's already a Ghost Detector skill and a Spirit Seance skill on, so Alexa should be a pro.

The Ears and Mouth: 8 Microphones & 2 Dolby Speakers

The Amazon Echo Show is currently on sale over on The Coupon Code The Show contains two Dolby speakers tuned to provide a rich, satisfying musical experience. Play Amazon Music Unlimited and services like Pandora and Spotify, or get the weather and news stories. But can the microphones and speakers help you monitor ghosts/spirits in a haunted house? Yes! Microphones are what you need for locating ghosts too timid to show their spectral form. As for the speakers: ghosts are attracted by atonal jazz. Fact.

The Eye: Video Camera & 7" Touchscreen

Echo Show videocamera and touchscreen, found on sale on The Coupon Code The camera and screen allow for hands-free video calls to other devices, or use the Show's screen for streaming Amazon Video, watching trailers from Fandango, and more. But can camera and screen help you monitor ghosts/spirits in a haunted house? Yes! Use your phone to activate your Show's camera and catch all that good poltergeist activity.
This post has been sponsored by Amazon, but the opinions are my own.