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Holiday Tip: Check Out Amazon's 2020 Toy Guide

Sep 2, 2020

Full disclosure: I do not have kids. I do not even know many kids. I do, however, have a soon-to-be-2-year-old nephew with a late-December birthday, meaning I need to purchase twice the number of toys this holiday season. Since I'm admittedly out of the loop regarding what kids are into these days, I'm grateful the Amazon Holiday Toy List exists to lead me towards the perfect presents for a rambunctious toddler.

Amazon Holiday Toy List 2020

What Is The Amazon Holiday Toy List?

Glad you asked! The Amazon Holiday Toy List is like the Wonka candy factory of online toy shopping. It compiles all the latest, most popular, and tried-and-true toys Amazon has to offer into a one-stop-shop to find gifts for any and all kiddos.

How To Use It

Browsing through endless pages of products with no direction can be tiresome and inefficient, which is why the Amazon Guide groups toys into different categories for effortless searchability. A few in particular helped inform my own consumer journey into the whimsical land of kids toys.

Shop By Age

Right at the top of the page, the list lets you choose between various age groups. When you click one, it instantly transports you to a curated collection of popular and appropriate toys for that stage in young-human development. For my own purposes, the 2–4 Years selection suggested items ranging from classics like Play-Doh and Little Tikes Easy Score Basketball Sets to VTech Gadgets and miniature trampolines. Given the amount of time my nephew spent bouncing on the restaurant booth seat at the last family outing, I have a feeling he may enjoy that last one the most.

Shop By Interests

Is your child endlessly curious? They might be interested in Amazon’s selection of Learning Toys. An avid stuffed-animal enthusiast? Try Cute, Cuddly, and Collectible.


A budding artiste? Arts & Crafts will lead you in the right direction. Click on any and all applicable categories for a customized list based on what your little one is into! Or do what I did and start with the Top 100 and Kid Picks to get a feel for what have been the most popular gifts so far!



Shop By Price Range


Let’s face it: we all—well, most of us—have a budget. That’s ok! Amazon's Toy List makes it easy to sort by exactly how much you’re able (or willing) to spend! Who knew you could get a Pie Face Cannon for less than $25? I sure didn’t. The possibilities are endless!



Shop By Brand

If you already have a brand in mind, but need help choosing one of its toys, The Amazon Holiday List lets you browse the whole collection of LEGO, Barbie, and even Paw Patrol toys. Seeing as Paw Patrol is also the theme of my nephew’s birthday party, that was a great place for me to start.

So What Did I Buy?

I know you’re all dying to know! Well, between checking out the Paw Patrol products and toggling the various ranges for my needs, I landed on a Paw Patrol flip-open foam sofa and the ever-beloved Sit ‘n Spin! I’m sure my nephew will adore them both, and this will secure my “cool aunt” status—all thanks to the Amazon Holiday Toy Guide! With its help, you’re sure to be just as successful in your own gift search this season. Happy Holidays and happy shopping!