Aspiring to be a Gentleman

BY: Automation |Dec 11, 2018

aspiringgentlemanAspiring Gentleman is the place to go for today's cultured man. Publisher Jason Batansky keeps men informed, up to date and entertained with a unique blend of articles, tips and advice. Ranging from old school style guidance, to whiskey road tests and updates on the latest tech gear, this one is sure to feature heavily in your online favorites list.

Food and Wine

There is so much noise around this topic, that it is hard to find a voice online that you can trust. But the search is over. Aspiring Gentleman goes beyond the basic restaurant reviews and wine matching articles. They go in depth, and deliver the information you need to make the most of your social life. From a gentleman’s guide to casino etiquette through to planning a romantic weekend in London, here is the best guide around for embedding quality food and wine experiences into your life.


The modern gentleman loves to experience entertainment in all of its classy forms. Maybe you are a classic guy with a penchant for Miles Davis? If so, this is your site. Maybe you’re a student of history, and like to take your entertainment cues from the giants of the past? Winston Churchill’s Cigar perhaps? Or maybe you’ve landed the job of throwing a classy bachelor party for your mate? It’s all here.


This is always a difficult area to navigate, but gentlemanly principles are applied to the advice given here. Get your information on hair and beard care. Keep yourself looking crisp for work with advice on suits and formal wear. Relax in style by applying the aspiring gentleman’s approach to your casual wear.

Tech & Gear

For many, many men these days, tech is the place where you lose hours of your week and truck loads of your money. This is the place for solid advice. They’ve got tips for keeping digital nomads connected with the home and office when on the road, and hilarious pointers for getting that super dodgy car out of your life.


These days the world is small, but time is limited. You want to experience as much of it as you can, and Aspiring Gentleman dishes out the hot tips from around the globe. Fancy a jaunt to the super classy destination of Brussels? Ready to hook up the caravan for a family vacation? Count yourself in.


There is a definite cigar and whiskey theme going on in here. Put on your smoking jacket, light the fire and settle in with an Arturo Fuente Hemingway Signature Cigar and a wee dram of The Macallan 18.

Once you’ve discovered this gem of a website, you will ditch the other contenders. It’s that good.