How To Automate Your Life With Amazon Prime

BY: Joseph R |Dec 11, 2018

thefuture Technology can be both scary and wonderful. The same computers and machines that power remote-control drones and may also one day enslave us for energy, but until then, why not take advantage of all the hi-tech perks of life in 2017? Computers can help enrich your life, and no company facilitates that better than Amazon and their Amazon Prime services. Here are five ways Amazon Prime can help you automate your life, so you can spend time on the things you care about! Like your phone! 1. Sign Up For Amazon Prime, Change Your Life Screen Shot 2017-05-17 at 2.12.07 PM What are you waiting for, silly human? Sign up for Amazon Prime and not only will you get a free 30-day trial of the service, but you can get FREE two-hour, same-day, or two-day delivery on millions of items! On top of that, you'll get access to hundreds of streaming TV shows and movies with Prime Video, over two million songs on Prime Music, and much more! You might never even need to leave your house again, because you can get everything shipped to you! Speaking of which... 2. Automatic Delivery With Amazon Dash Buttons Screen Shot 2017-05-17 at 2.22.09 PM Out of paper towels? Need dish washing liquid? Gotta re-up your toilet paper? Automatically order some with Amazon Dash buttons! These handy little instant-gratification buttons will order you restocks for all your most vital items, and the robot-wizards powered by your Amazon Prime membership will ensure they deliver to your door in no time! Give them to a pet or small child, and you'll never run out of anything ever again! 3. Install Furniture, Clean House, & More With Amazon Home Services Screen Shot 2017-05-17 at 2.42.08 PM Much like the robots built to entertain in HBO's Westworld, Amazon can send robots to your door to help you around the house--only these are less murder-y! Use Amazon Home Services to book professionals who will come over for whatever you need! Whether it's mounting a flatscreen TV, scrubbing down the kitchen, assembling your grill, or finding the entrance to Ford's maze, the friendly faces of Amazon Home Services can help! 4. Automate Your House With Alexa And Amazon Echo Devices 34505069086_b9a3b5d10d_b Here's the crown jewel for automating your life: Amazon's super-powered A.I., Alexa, who comes inside a genie-bottle-from-the-future called the Amazon Echo. There's a few different Echo models to choose from: the compact Echo Dot, the visually-enhanced Echo Show, the surprisingly affordable Fire Tablets, but all come pre-loaded with Alexa! With her help, you can do everything from shop online to play music to watch your favorite show--all you need to do is ask! 5. Get To Know Alexa, And All She Can Do! Screen Shot 2017-05-17 at 3.30.13 PM Siri who? Once you get your device-of-choice, learn about all the benefits Alexa can offer! Once you get her to start running your life like a cooler version of Iron Man's J.A.R.V.I.S., have her complete your life-automation and help you become a cyborg! If sci-fi has taught us anything, it'll be super fun and totally helpful! There you have it, couponer. All the best ways to automate your life with Amazon and Amazon Prime! Make sure to check out Groupon's Amazon coupons for all the best deals on digitizing your lifestyle! Until then, resume all motor functions and have fun further assimilating into the system!