The Baby Aisle Might Just Be the Best Drugstore Beauty Hack Around

Jun 14, 2019

Looking for beauty hacks? Some of the best drugstore beauty products are also available in the baby aisle. You’ll save a bunch of money—and hardly tell the difference.


Picking up beauty and skincare products at the drugstore is a well-worn strategy to save. But there's a way you can save even more, and you'll hardly notice the difference: head to the baby aisle.

We compared the prices of similar baby and adult beauty products across four national retailers (WalmartTargetWalgreens, and CVS) to determine which products are cheaper in the baby aisle—and which aren't.


Beauty and skincare products formulated for babies are, on average, 16% cheaper—with baby powder (47% cheaper) and baby wipes (45% cheaper) being the biggest bargains compared to their adult counterparts. Close behind baby wipes and baby powder are bubble bath and mineral oil, whose baby versions are 34% and 24% cheaper, respectively.

But grownups get the best deals when it comes to their hair. You'll save more money buying adult shampoo (17% cheaper) and adult detangling spray (12% cheaper) over similarly branded baby varieties.

Before using any product carefully review the product label to ensure it is safe to use on you or your baby. Consult with your baby’s pediatrician. 


To get a better picture of the price differences, here's a comparison of each product's average price per unit:

Adult sunscreen is far and away the most expensive product we looked at, while baby wipes tend to be the cheapest.


And if you're wondering where you can save the most, that'd be Target: they had the lowest average prices for both baby and adult beauty products. 

Data collected from,,, and Before making any purchase, carefully review product details including any safety and use directions.