Back 2 School: A Surface Story

BY: Christopher Mahar |Dec 11, 2018

August is known for two things: back-to-school sales and blockbuster movie events. This year, Microsoft is stepping up to the plate to deliver on deals, offering 10% off its Surface line of computers and accessories to students, parents, and faculty. We've got a breakdown of each of Microsoft's Surface products, what they can do, and who they are targeted towards. And since summer movies about loveable pieces of sentient technology are always hugely popular [fact check before publish date - Ed], we've added which actor would voice each computer were they to be in an animated movie. In case that helps. Surface Pro, Surface Laptop, Surface Book, and Surface Studio

Surface Pro

Microsoft Surface Pro for back to school What it does: This is Microsoft's entry-level, extremely versatile device. It's essentially a tablet that transforms into a laptop with the addition of a keyboard cover (pictured), or a sketch- and note-pad with the addition of the Surface pen. Who would love it: With exceptional processing power and performance, your tech-loving high school student would love this computer. Surface Pro is Sirius BlackWho would play it in the movies: Gary Oldman. Similarly commanding and able to disappear into whatever role he has taken on. Also very versatile, as he can change into a giant dog and back again on command. [You might be confusing the actor with his role as Sirius Black in the Harry Potter series, but still a strong choice. - Ed]    

Surface Laptop

Microsoft Surface Laptop for back to school What it does: Microsoft's answer to the MacBook with a few more tricks up its sleeve. The Surface Laptop can't detach its screen from the keyboard, but it is a touchscreen with all that that entails. The keyboard is also covered in fabric for a stylistic and tactile flare. The Laptop comes with Windows 10 S out of the box, a version of Windows 10 that is streamlined for security and superior performance. Who would love it: The college-bound scholar in your life will be able to use this both for school work and recreation when back in the dorm. Hermione Granger is the Surface Laptop for back to school. It just makes sense. Who would play it in the movies: Hermione Granger. The smartest person in the room, but also dependable, adventurous, and packs a punch. Once she turned part of the way into a human-sized cat by accident. [Hermione Granger is a character played by the actress Emma Watson. Do you...think that the events in Harry Potter really happened? - Ed]  

Surface Book

Microsoft Surface Book back to school sale What it does: Microsoft's top-of-the-line laptop with the most high-end and powerful components. Unlike the Surface Laptop, the screen can be detached and used as a tablet. It also comes with the innovative Performance Base that delivers crisp, vibrant graphics and up to 16 hours of battery life. Who would love it: This is the laptop for students of the visual arts, as the powerful graphic processing units are ideal for editing videos and pictures. Dobby the house elf is the surface bookWho would play it in the movies: Dobby the house elf. The Surface Book and Dobby are both creatures of pure magic that can apparate at will and cause objects to levitate with their minds. [Ok, asked and answered I guess. - Ed]    

Surface Studio

Surface Studio back to school sale What it does: The most powerful of the Surface line is, by necessity, a desktop rather than a laptop. But it's not like any desktop you've ever encountered. It has a 28-inch PixelSense touchscreen display that supports the Surface Pen and more. Position it upright to sketch, paint, and edit photos, or lay it flat to draw on it like a drafting table. The processing power comes from a Quad-core 6th Gen Intel Core i5 or i7. Who would love it: You might want to keep this powerhouse for yourself, or get it for an enterprising engineering or architectural grad student. Microsoft Surface Studio back to school saleWho would play it in the movies: Dumbledore. A powerful Jedi, Dumbledore's control over the midichlorians that are the building blocks of life is unrivaled across the universe. But can he keep his own tendency towards the Dark Side in check? [Please see me. - Ed]     And there you have it! Be sure to check for more savings (and perhaps some Harry Potter references) on our Microsoft Store coupons page.