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Back-To-School Checklist: Alarm Clocks

BY: Lauren Leffel | Dec 11, 2018

With so much competition in the world today, it's important to make sure your child is set up for success. While a significant amount of learning occurs in the classroom, it's still not enough brain-flexing time. To really get ahead, a child must begin learning the second they wake up! Amazon and eBay are here to help with state-of-the-art alarm clocks that will prepare children of all ages for the days ahead.


Forget dancing lessons; teach kids how to groove with this Vintage Dance Dance Revolution Clock: Finger Dancing Edition. They will burn calories, develop a great sense of rhythm, and stretch their hands all before the school day even begins! 2.0 Target practice! From an early age, and now an early time of day, your child will learn to keep their eyes on the prize. Drowsy students must hit the Bullseye before the horrid sound of the alarm will "cease and desist," if you will. Target


Hard work is crucial in achieving optimal physical fitness, which is why kids should get their workouts in early. These five pound dumbbells will continue to buzz and ding until 20 full reps have been completed. We recommend one for each side of the bed to avoid a lopsided child. Dumbbell Patience. Required in all that we do. Help your young learner master the skill of patience with this puzzling, and rather alarming, clock. The device is similar to operation—you must get a metal key from one side of the metal wire to the other...without touching the wire before it stops yelling. Easy as pie! Zapzap Seen any unique alarm clocks in your online shopping adventures? Share them below!