Back-To-School Tech: Save on The 10 Hottest Gadgets For Students

BY: Scott |Dec 11, 2018

Some gadgets are bought for the novelty of their existence: they do something impressive or entertaining, but not altogether useful. They're used once, then they sit on desks or in closets and march toward obsolescence all alone. But not these gadgets! These are back-to-school gadgets students will actually use. Watch as the student in your life harnesses the power of technology, achieves a whole new level of convenience, and saves precious brainpower for learning. Non-students can use them, too! There is no limit to the types of people that can enjoy this collection of 10 perfectly useful, high-utility gadgets. color, white, green, tech, design, camera , digital, iphone, macbook pro, macbook, mockup, business, lifestyle, workspace, things, mobile, accessorier, objects, miscellaneous , flatlay, media 1. It is not natural to wake up to a flashing red light. It imbues your whole day with a strange urgency. It is, however, natural to wake up to a gradual, gentle stream of sunlight. And that's what the Philips Wake-Up Light Alarm Clock successfully imitates. Was $139.99, now $97.95. 2. The Vancropak canvas water-resistant charging backpack with a USB port, with room for a laptop up to 15.6". Was $69.99, now $22.99. 3. The Aduro durable, rubberized smartphone mount and holder for desks. Was $49.99, now $10.99. 4. The Livescribe Smartpen! It's a pen that … wait for it...also records audio! For all those lightning-fast lectures nobody can copy down in real time. Was $179.99, now $154.10. 5. The Jelly Comb 6-port USB desktop charging station, compatible with Apple, Android, and virtually all other USB-enabled devices. $16.99. 6. One of the smallest, lightest portable phone chargers around, the Anker PowerCore 10000. Was $49.99, now $29.99. 7. A Roomba! These are cute. And they clean for you. Every minute spent studying is a minute spent not vacuuming. And the adorable little Roomba solves that problem. Was $374.99, now $297.00. 8. The Garmin vívoactive 3 fitness wearable with music has a bunch of sports and fitness apps, and can easily download hundreds of songs. If you know someone who likes to be active and jam to sweet songs, this is the gadget for them. $299.99. 9. The PopSockets phone holder. If the smartphone desk mount doesn't suit your student, this just might. It's a much lower-key solution to the same problem, and impeccably designed. $9.99. 10. Owning something that floats is a big step to take. Humans have yet to truly leverage the power of floating in meaningful ways. Hot-air balloons were supposed to be the future of flight, but then people found out you couldn't really steer them. Ah well. Floating bluetooth speaker: $89.99

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