Back-To-School Checklist: Call Home!

BY: Christopher Mahar |Dec 11, 2018

Well hello dear! Ward, pick up, it's Wally calling all the way from State College! Oh Wally, it's been so long and we didn't know when we were ever going to hear from you again. You left your phone in an Uber? You're calling us from a grubby pay phone you found in the basement of your dorm? It's dark and rats are scuttling around your feet? Gee whiz Ward, weren't you just reading about some amazing back-to-school phone sales on that Groupon Coupons site? Now pay attention, Wally! Call mom from school

T-Mobile: Up To $60 Off Phones

Get up to $60 off phones like the Samsung Galaxy J3 Prime or the LG Aristo during this T-Mobile Back-To-School Sale.

Verizon Wireless: $100 Off Phones

Use this exclusive code to save $100 off select phones at Verizon. Device payment purchase required.

AT&T Wireless: Free iPhone 6s

Score a free iPhone 6s 32GB from AT&T when you buy on AT&T Next with monthly eligible wireless and DIRECTV service.

Sprint: End-Of-Summer Sale

Sprint is running a number of deals on phones like the moto e4 plus, Samsung Galaxy J3 Emerge, LG Tribute HD, Apple iPhone 6S, and more!