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Back to School Supplies Sales & Checklist

Every kid's back-to-school shopping list is a little different, but there is one thing they all have in common: it can get pretty expensive to stock up on all those school supplies. To find the best deals on pens and pencils and more, the Groupon Coupons team has done some of the groundwork for you—we shopped around at stores like Target, Staples, Walmart, and Office Depot. Here are our picks for the best prices aon the school supplies you'll need for the coming year.


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The Basics


Back to School Supplies Notebooks Deals

Stay organized with a different color for every subject.

Walmart — $0.25 each

3-Ring Binders

Back to School Supplies 3-Ring Binder Deals

The boring version of the '90s trapper-keeper, but just as effective.

Staples — $2.99 (25% off) each

Pencil Case

Back to School Supplies Pencil Case Deals

Keep all your supplies in one place with this cute case.

Walmart — $8.99+


Back to School Supplies Erasers Deals

These things have a way of disappearing, so stock up.

Walmart — $1.44 (3-Pack)


Back to School Supplies School Scissors Deals

If you know anything about kids, it's that buying a spare is a good idea.

Staples — $1.49 (2-Pack)



Back to School Supplies Pens Deals

Pens have a way of getting lost, so it's always nice to have a few extras.

Target — $0.99 (10-Pack)

Notebook Paper

School Supplies, Paper deals

The old standard. Buy a pack or two more than you think you'll need.

Target — $0.99 each

Crayola Crayons

Back to School Supplies Crayola Crayon Deals

Crayola is the brand most teachers ask for, and the 24-pack has enough colors to be fun.

Target — $0.50 (24-Pack)

Glue Sticks

Back to School Supplies Glue Stick Deals

Spring for the washable kind—it can help make laundry day a little easier.

Target — $0.55 (2-Pack)


Back to School Supplies Highlighters Deals

Bonus points for these chisel-point highlighters that won't dry out.

Walmart — $1.52 (6-Pack)



Back to School Supplies Folders Deals

Coordinate the colors with your notebooks to keep everything for each class together.

Staples — $0.50 Each


Back to School Supplies Pencils Deals

With 24 pencils per package, your student might even have a few to share with friends.

Target — $.99 (24-Pack)


Back to School Supplies Markers Deals

Staples has the best deal on these markers if you shop in stores.

Staples —$0.99

Colored Pencils

Back to School Supplies Crayola Colored Pencils Deals

The prices are similar no matter where you shop, but Walmart was the lowest we found.

Walmart — $2.97 (24-Pack)

Index Cards

Back to School Supplies Index Cards Deals

Making flash cards is proven to help students study, even if they never use them.

Target — $0.75 (100Ct.)

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