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BY: Automation |Dec 11, 2018


Barbara Friedberg Personal Finance is not your average finance and business blog. This is a resource full of personality, integrity and good advice. Barbara Friedberg is an author and business woman with a real passion for and belief in the power of building a savings habit, and then finding ways to make those savings work hard for your financial benefit.


This is a great roll of up-to-date information, tips, resources and opinions. The topics that Barbara writes about cover the whole spectrum of financial best practice. From investing in stocks to real estate investments and retirement planning, this is my go to finance blog.

Start Here

If you’re just beginning your journey towards empowerment through personal finance, or are just new to the website, this section perfectly lays out the steps you need to take. The goal of the web page “is to teach savvy professionals to invest and build wealth for a rich future.” And with the tips and resource links you will find here, you will feel confident of achieving that future.

Wealth Shop

Here is where you can pick up all of the additional resources you need in your quest to build riches. There is range a links to quality, recommended books you can purchase and download to read at your leisure. Special mention must go to Barbara’s book, Invest and Beat the Pros - Create and Manage a Successful Investment Portfolio. (You can also get her book How to Invest and Outperform Most Active Mutual Fund Managers for free!)

How To Get Rich

If you’ve found the other content of the site useful, picking up a copy of Barbara Friedberg’s book, How to Get Rich; Without Winning the Lottery will ensure you get to drill down into the detail you need to be uber successful.


Need to fire up your business with some of Barbara Friedberg’s expertise and passion? It seems you are in luck. Barbara offers a consulting service, offering her financial content creation skills to turbo charge your newsletters, website, videos and webinars.

This website offers so much value and wisdom on all things personal finance, and is the perfect place to gather recommended books to further enhance your knowledge.