"Joyeux Quatorze Juillet": Somehow This Means Happy Bastille Day

BY: Christopher Mahar |Dec 11, 2018

Bastille Day 2017 is Friday July 14 Today, July 14, is France's National Day. Known as Bastille Day, this holiday commemorates the anniversary of the storming of the Bastille in 1790, a decisive moment in the French Revolution. In honor of this festive day, we here at Groupon Coupons thought we should share some French phrases that will ingratiate you to the Francophile in your life. Unfortunately, we have not yet received our Rosetta Stone subscription we have been requesting from a certain someone for some time now, even though a certain someone has forgotten your Groupon Coupons correspondent's birthday not once but TWICE now, two years running. And in case anyone cared to know, dinner and a movie does not constitute a birthday present, especially when the movie is one a certain someone has been wanting to see for weeks now and not the movie your Groupon Coupons correspondent has been subtly dropping hints about. Anyway, if anyone was thinking about learning French, now would be a good time since Groupon has an exclusive offer through Rosetta Stone to save big on 12-month subscriptions. For the purposes of this post though we had to go out and find a stranger on the street to help us translate. We picked a fellow who seemed to be celebrating Bastille Day very enthusiastically since he was wearing a lot of red, white, and blue (the national colors of France!), drinking several wine coolers despite the newness of the day (the French and their wine!), and shouting unintelligibly (vive la France!). Here is what we learned:

English | French

  • Happy Bastille Day!: Les poissons, les poissons
  • The French are a wonderful people: Ah mes oui, savez toujours delice
  • Our day is July 4, but same general principle: Hee hee hee, haw haw haw
  • So have you seen Spider-Man: Homecoming?: Zut alors sacre bleu Spider-Homme: Le Prom?
  • I hear that it is much better than Baby Driver, which is seriously overrated: Voulez-vous coucher avec moi Bebe Chauffeur
  • No need to open another wine cooler, it already looks like you have several going at the same time: Ce soir, au revoir
From all of us at Groupon Coupons to all of our French friends out there: les poissons, le poissons!