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Best Secret Santa Gifts: Gift Cards

BY: Christopher Mahar | Dec 11, 2018

Join me if you will in a thought experiment: when you close your eyes and imagine a gift you could give that would signal the least amount of care or thought on your part, what do you come up with? A gift card, right? Ok, now close your eyes and imagine unwrapping a gift card to your favorite store from your office Secret Santa. You're really happy, right? Definitely much happier than if you got something like this. Gift card deals for office gifts and secret santa, found on Groupon's The Coupon Code So why the hate? Why do we like to make things more difficult for ourselves? Gift cards are universally loved, easily purchased, and the one gift you can get that hits any agreed upon spending limit exactly, allaying any fears of being thought a cheapskate or brown-noser. Have I convinced you yet? Well here are the best gift card sites out there, all offering deals that will let you purchase a card below face value, allowing you to save some cash to buy yourself something like this.


No longer just an online auction house, eBay has killer deals on a range of things, including digital- and in-store gift cards. While there is the drawback on a secondary market site of not being able to just put in the exact amount you want the card to be for, eBay's extensive selection means you probably will be able to find the face value and merchant you want without much trouble. Best of all, bargains abound–like a $25 Denny's gift card for $22.50, or a $250 Victoria Secret gift card for $225, both with free shipping.


A dominant online gift card marketplace, Raise lets you buy discount cards or sell your unwanted ones for cash. All the listed cards have built-in discounts that range from small to eye-poppingly large, and right now through Christmas you can use this stackable promo code to save a further 1% on your purchase.

The perfect gift for the adventurous foodie and die-hard "shop local" proponent in your life, certificates from this site cover over 62,000 restaurants, including tons of small neighborhood secrets. In addition to snagging a pretty incredible domain name, has also snagged great deals that you can benefit from. Currently, use this promo code to get a $10 certificate for only $2. The catch: the diner needs to exceed a minimum purchase order to use the certificate.


Think of SpaFinder as the of spas. There are thousands of partner locations across the country, so your gift-recipient should have no problem finding a location to use their certificate on a huge range of services. The sweetest part? We found a great promo code that will save you 10% on orders of $25 or more.