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Best Stocking Stuffers: For Pets

BY: Christopher Mahar | Dec 11, 2018

Sure, they never get you anything good for Christmas, but pets are family too, and it's only right to fill their stocking with something nice if you aren't going to let them eat off the counters. It's a social contract as old as time, so here are some ideas to help you fulfill your end of the deal. Santa Wallace 1800-PetSupplies.comGrriggles Naughty or Nice Tennis Balls Dog Toy 4PK ($7.99, $5.39 with promo code) Christmas tennis balls for the dog, found on sale on Groupon's The Coupon Code Dogs are red-green colorblind, so these festive tennis balls will appear grayish to them, but it's really the thought (and the throwing) that count. Use this 25% off promo code to get them–and everything else at–for less. PetSmart - BLUE Santa Snacks Dog Treats ($5.99, $5.49) Santa Snacks Dog Treats from PetSmart, found on sale on Groupon's The Coupon Code Under the tree you've wrapped a doggy sweater, but that's really a gift for you. Here in the stocking is the gift from PetSmart that you're best friend will really thank you for: healthy and delicious treats. PetcoTime for Joy Glowing Holiday Spirit Laser Cat Toy, 5-in-1 ($5.99, $2.49) Laser pointer cat toy for Christmas, on sale on Groupon's The Coupon Code This little laser pointer from Petco looks like a candy cane and includes the batteries needed to play with it right out of the package. Is it moral to trick a cat into chasing something it can never catch? Look, everyone is having a good time and I don't know why you feel the need to bring that up again. PetcoYou & Me Hamster Cube ($3.99, $2.39)

Hamster Cube from Petco, on sale on Groupon's The Coupon Code So this hangs from your hamster's cage like a little enclosed hammock and is an "ideal place for hiding, withdrawing, and relaxing". Please get me a human-sized one as well, thanks.

Horse.comHoliday Elf Horse Hat ($13.88, $10.95) Holiday Elf Horse Hat, found on Groupon's The Coupon Code What do you get the horse that has everything? An elf hat from, of course. Also good for donkeys and great danes, I suppose.