Best Use of a Coupon Code, Ever

BY: Rachel Matuch |Dec 11, 2018

When 6-year-old Owen left his stuffed tiger, Hobbes, at the Tampa International Airport, he panicked. His mom called the airport, and staff quickly found Hobbes and promised to keep him safe until they could come pick him up. [caption id="attachment_2237" align="alignleft" width="287"]Hobbes_ATC Tower Photo courtesy of Tampa International Airport.[/caption] But Airport Operations Center manager Tony D’Aiuto had an idea. Why not take Hobbes on an adventure around the airport? When Owen and his mom came to reclaim Hobbes, they were given an extra gift: a photo book filled with shots from his adventures around the airport. Buying gelato, playing Jenga, taking a nap by a hotel pool... all of his adventures were chronicled for Owen to see. It's a beautiful story, and here at Groupon Coupons, we have to admit that one part in particular tickled our fancy: Mr. D’Aiuto used a Walgreens coupon code to have the photo book made. Our coupon-loving hearts are filled with joy.