Blog Round-Up

BY: cat |Dec 11, 2018

Today's guest post is by Jemma C. Need some new reading material? Check out our round-up of blogs to explore from around the web. NYC Single Mom, Linda Grant started NYC Single Mom to provide moms with valuable parenting advice, useful product reviews, traveling tips, and things to do in NYC. As a mother of an adopted child, Linda shares many of her experiences with adoption and helpful tips for those that are thinking of adopting. She also keeps super up-to-date with movies, events for moms and tweenagers as well all the hottest new tech and toys. A Little Dash of Darling, For all the fashion and beauty lovers out there, A Little Dash of Darling could very well be your new obsession. Caitlyn shares the most stunning photographs of her beautiful, delicate outfits while she’s out exploring nature and traveling to new places. Best part is, she’ll show you just how to achieve each look through lots of beauty product sales and clothing deals. Finally, Caitlyn's healthy yet delicious meals coupled with her fun workouts, make getting into shape an enjoyable task. The Aspie and the NT, The Aspie and the NT is an informative, engaging blog written by Tom and Linda Peters. They each share a different perspective on life given that Tom has Asperger’s Syndrome and Linda is Neurotypical (NT), meaning she doesn’t fall on the autistic spectrum. The two share very personal discussions around Asperger’s and emotions, how to communicate with an Aspie partner and whether it’s possible to have Asperger’s without knowing it. Both interesting and educational, it’s definitely a site worth visiting. Miss Now Mrs, Danielle Tate founded Miss Now Mrs to simplify the name change process for newlyweds and brides. Her site features three easy steps to changing your name, a team of Married Name Change Experts as well as a Newlywed Blog. No clue how a name change service works? Get started with this post. A Step in the Journey, A Step in the Journey is a fun, creative blog about home renovation, DIY projects, cooking and family adventures. It’s written by Laura Beth, a wife and mom of two who loves to share her life stories and crafty ideas. Expectant parents, read about Laura’s experience with her first newborn and tips for getting through the first three months here. DIY fanatics, check out her post on making gorgeous curtains from a single bed sheet. You’ll also be amazed by these nifty Peel and Stick Tiles. Who knew these existed!? A Million Moments, A Million Moments is written by a mom named Jess who has a passion for all things craft and a huge addiction to Pinterest. (After all, the two practically go hand in hand.) Jess also loves vegetarian cooking and photography, so delight in her delicious recipes and beautiful pictures. To give you a sample of her originality, take a look at this incredible DIY Backyard Adventure Book she made for her son. She's got plenty more crafts where that came from! Helene in Between, Helene in Between used to be called Do Dallas Cheap and it was all about daily deals. Now, Helene writes about anything and everything in her life from things to do in Dallas, hair tutorials, music, her engagement, and even how to get Instagram-famous. She’s quirky, clever, and super relatable, especially for young adults. Check out her most popular posts here. All Top Startups, Thomas Oppong founded All Top Startups to share resources with young professionals and entrepreneurs who are interested in starting their own businesses. He blogs about everything involved with building a startup including funding, social marketing and becoming a successful leader. Additionally, Thomas really enjoys testing and reviewing apps. Check out his post outlining these 16 apps that will help you be more productive every day.