Blogs of the Week

BY: cat |Dec 11, 2018

Today's guest post is by Jemma C. and Carol M.

Super Frugal Stephanie,

Super Frugal Stephanie is all about reviewing family products and sharing amazing giveaways. She especially enjoys writing reviews for great holiday gifts for the family, from games to movies and enticing boxes of candy. Plus if you’re looking to save on groceries, be sure to check out her printable coupons for deals on everyday products.

The Knit Wit by Shair,

You’re  going to love this blog if you’ve picked up knitting as a hobby. The Knit Wit by Shair is written by a mom of three boys with a passion for all things crafty, knitting in particular. She posts  a wide variety of creative knitting patterns for scarves, hats, socks and even dishcloths. Not only does her crafting give us inspiration for new artistic projects, but it also goes towards a great cause. Shair’s Let’s Cap Cancer Campaign is dedicated to making caps for women undergoing chemo.

Debt Roundup,

Debt Roundup explains valuable tips and tricks to eliminating the dreadful debt that many of us know all too well. Personal Finance Blogger Grayson Bell had been fighting debt for four years, but has since paid it off entirely in addition to growing his own wealth. Gary provides tools and websites that helped him become debt free, as well as different financial calculators he used for budgets, savings goals and paying off credit cards. Oh, and he also includes some awesome coupons.

Eyes on the Dollar,

Eyes on the Dollar tells the journey of an optometrist named Kim who is on a mission to pay off debt, invest in the future, and achieve 20/20 financial vision. She discusses how she and her family got in debt, the money mistakes she made in her 20’s, and what it costs to travel to different destinations, to name a few topics. There’s a lot to learn from Kim, so stop by her page when you're in need of some good financial advice.

Empowered Shopper,

Empowered Shopper shares a number of fantastic deals, most notably in finance and technology. You'll find reviews of software that can track your finances, posts about smartphones that are on sale, various coupons for household items, and more. The writer is also a huge fan of Amazon Prime (who isn’t!?), so a lot of the products featured on the site can be bought there at a discounted price.

Just Us Girls,

Just Us Girls has free giveaways, product reviews, and gift ideas for holidays. Most of the products reviewed are personal care and skin care variety, with great information on skin sensitivities, product scents, and other nuances. There are also do-it-yourself ideas to assist for small projects.  Take a special look at this teacher appreciation gift DIY project for flowers potted in a cute "Thanks for Helping Me Grow!" pot.

Shopping Spout,

Coupon clippers, do you know about this site? Shopping Spout has hundreds of thousands of active coupons. Deals include online savings for eyewear, skin care, clothing, shoes, and electronics. Stop letting free money and free shipping pass you by, especially on items you're already planning on purchasing. Save your cash for a rainy day, upcoming purchase, or more shopping.

Diary of a Domestic Goddess,

Domestic disputes are a fact of life. Kids get bored easily, and the only one who can solve the problem is Mom, right? Well, this blog by Leah is a blessing for mothers. She's a fountain of savvy advice, craft ideas, and even product reviews. She looks at all aspects of the family dynamics and comes up with creative solutions. Kids arguing and screaming, for instance? Leah's got instructions for a "yelling jar" (made from a mason jar) to reduce the noise and help the family save for a trip or outing. She's a great resource for product reviews, quick recipes, essential oil ideas, gift ideas, and travel planning.,

Parents, bookmark this blog, it will come in handy. Need staycation ideas for your kids? Creative gift ideas or assistance with small do-it-yourself projects? Sarah Titus does not disappoint. She can show you great ways to entertain your kids (whether they're toddlers or tweens), help you whip up natural healthy vanilla extract to make yummy foods, and give simple solutions to cut the utility bills. The site also has a stockpile of quick, easy, nutritious recipes, as well as treats like 5 ingredient lemon white chocolate cake mix cookies.

Dad of Divas,

Dad of Divas is the ultimate site for men new to fatherhood—or living in a house full of girls. Dad of Divas gives us his take on what's really important in his household. Who says men can’t cook? Not this dad—check out his juicer reviews and recaps of juicing's healthy benefits. He even gives the inside scoop with secrets like what dads really want for Father’s day! Other highlights include regular spotlights on great dads and their advice to readers.

Our Homemade Life,

Amanda shares secrets and cyber-finds to make life a little easier. Her focus is on green living: eating green, cleaning green, and raising green children. Find out how to reduce the influence of GMOs in your diet, avoid potentially toxic products, and make eco-friendly, cost-conscious products. As a home-schooling mom, Amanda gives great examples of how to set up and approach home schooling. She even researches and post travel ideas for families like where to go, how to save money. and what to bring to keep kids busy en route and during the trip.